24 Incredible Coincidences Caught On Camera

Sometimes, but not very often, we are able to catch something in the perfect moment.

We’re surrounded by countless strange things every day, and for every normal thing that happens to us, there’s at least one not so normal thing that follows it.

We’ve all seen strange and funny coincidences in real life, and it’s hilarious when your able to capture them for your friends and family.

Thankfully these quick off the mark photographers had their cameras at hand and at the ready and were able to capture some incredible and hilarious moments.

Have you ever encountered in your life? I’m going to guess the answer is quite a few.

Well, you better get ready because that number is about to increase.

Lets take a look shall we?

1. Long Lost Friend

“20 years ago I went to an air show with my Grandpa and Uncle. One of the aircraft I sat in was the OH58 Kiowa. This was the day that I decided that I wanted to be a pilot. Today while looking through some old photos I found the picture below of me sitting in the Kiowa. I thought it was cool because that’s what I’ve been flying the past month. Upon arriving to the airfield today I asked operations if they have ever had a Kiowa with the tail number listed on the aircraft that I sat in when I was eight years old. (What are the chances right?) They looked it up and not only had they once had that aircraft there, but it was sitting on the ramp. I went out and took a picture with it and realized that I had actually been flying that specific Kiowa this past month. Twenty years later I am flying the exact aircraft that helped spark my dream to fly.”

2. What Are The Chances?

Aww, that’s so sweet!

3. Indentical

These are the mugshots of William West and William West, and they are not related. They were both sent to Leavenworth Prison at the same time, in 1903, and after some confusion, the staff understood they had two different prisoners with the exact same name, who looked exactly alike. They are part of the reason fingerprints are now used as identification.”

4. So Weird

The chances of catching a blue lobster is 1 in 2 million. How lucky are they?!

5. So Close

Talk about tough luck!

6. Dragons

A dragon shaped flame, how incredible is that?

7. Picture Perfect

This really is a once in a lifetime shot!

8. Lost And Found

A diver ended up finding his wallet, which he dropped 20 years before!

9. Matching

I wonder where he got his style from?

10. Perfect Stripe

What are the chances of this happening?!

11. A Friendly Visit

A dragon fly wanted to check out her tattoo.

12. Colliding Worlds

These bullets hit one another during the Battle of Gallipoli.

13. Smooth

Well, this guy has given me shivers! He’s so smooth!

14. Huh?

Car crash? What car crash?

15. Team Work

Do you think they planned this?

16. A Highway Cameo

What a great celebrity line up!

17. Killer Darts

This is a crazy throw! I can’t believe it!

18. Fluttering

This butterfly landed on a picture of itself.

19. Dots

A dot for their order of birth. How neat is that?!

20. Striped!

It looks like stripes are in fashion again!

21. Great Timing!

That must be his lucky number!

22. Flamingos

I wonder how long they’ve been training to do that?

23. Lucky Escape

So close!

24. Pop!

They managed to capture a balloon bursting on camera! I’ve never seen something like that before!

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