25 Incredible One In A Million Coincidences That Defy All Explanation

We’ve all had odd little coincidences happen to us before, it’s just part of life.

That kid that you went to school with suddenly turns up at your house to fix a leaking tap, and you had no idea they lived two blocks away the whole time. Somebody with the same birthday as you. A person with the same star sign shares your characteristics.

It’s interesting, but it’s nothing all that special, right?

Well sometimes those coincidences get ramped up to such insane levels that it almost defies explanation.

It’s times like that you’ve just got to sit back and wonder if fate is trying to tell you something! Try telling me that some of these incredible coincidences have logical explanations!

Trust me, you won’t be able to believe your eyes!

1. This bird landed on the page about itself in a birdwatchers’ book

Maybe it thought it was about to make a friend? I hope it didn’t fly away disappointed, that would be kinda sad.

2. This is about my level of luck, too

Better luck next time! I guess there’s nothing left to do now but to go upstairs, take a 3 hour bath and cry the whole time.

3. Does anybody else see the image of a dragon in the fire eater’s breath?

Maybe it was a real dragon, who had flown on down to give the guy a kiss.

4. Okay, there’s a story behind this one, sit back and be amazed

This guy has been a fisherman at Lake Attersee in Austria for years. One day, he dropped his wallet in the water, and cursed his luck thinking it was gone. Checking his fishing nets after a normal day TWENTY YEARS later, he realized he fished up his old, lost wallet in one of his nets!

5. This lady’s dragonfly tattoo has found its real life counterpart!

Aww sweet! Now… get it off, get it off, get it off, get it off!

6. What are the chances of a flying accident like this happening

Going off houseflies’ usual sense of direction when I’m trying to shoo them out of the window? Chances are pretty good.

7. This guy turned up at a kids’ birthday party, only to find out he had dressed exactly like one of the presents!

I guess he should take it as a compliment that he looks like a fashionista!

8. This butterfly landed on a page with its own picture on it

Has it been hanging out with that bird from earlier or something?

9. These trucks aligned to make up a familiar name!

They’re just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake.

10. When a momma dog has three puppies, and they grow up to have numbered spots on their back!

They look like a cute furry game of dominoes!

11. This dog’s white stripe of fur perfectly lined up with the foam in the ocean

That doggo doesn’t look at all sure about going for a swim, but I’m sure this is one heck of a coincidence.

12. When Dolores’ sign went out, she thought customers wouldn’t even know what kind of business she ran

But fate stepped in to help out!

13. When you’re following a camper van and it lines up with the landscape

Just don’t drive into the back of it, okay? Canadians have a famously great temper but I think even the most Canadian camper driver would be annoyed.

14. This flock of flamingoes have formed into the shape of a giant flamingo

Really? I just see a cat with a hole in its tail… oh, wait I just tilted my head to one side…

15. I wish I could look this good after completing a marathon

Particularly after getting over the shock that my zip code, race number AND finishing time were all exactly the same! The universe is trying to tell you something!

16. How many people does it take to be in the same place in the same outfit before it’s a coincidence

That’s right, four. Any more and that’s just a sports team.

17. This guy was trying to get the perfect picture of a lightning strike, but when he finally got it…

He noticed this name on the back of a boat in the photo! No freakin’ WAY!

18. When the ‘people you may know’ section on Facebook lines up two photos perfectly

I guess that’s what happens when computers get bored!

19. How close was this car to getting totaled by a falling tree branch?

Literally. Couldn’t. Be. Any. Closer.

20. Story time again, this time about this pair of twins!

Who were NOT twins at all! They even both had the same name, of William West! But they are NOT related! As you can tell from their mugshots, they were both sent to Leavenworth Prison at the same time in 1903. Staff there were incredibly confused when they worked out two different prisoners with the exact same name had turned up, who looked pretty much exactly alike too. William West… and, um, William West… are part of the reason fingerprints are now used as identification.

21. Take a picture of a kid in a helicopter and he grows up to be a helicopter pilot? Big deal.

But take a picture of a kid in a helicopter and he grows up to be the pilot of THE SAME damn helicopter!? Now that’s freaky!

22. Sometimes when you see a photo opportunity, you just have to take it

Om nom nom nom nom!

23. This mosquito was killed by a flying dart

That sure is one heck of a shot. I wonder if it got impaled in mid air or it had just landed on the dart board? Either way, that’s pretty impressive.

24. On the other hand, there’s this

Two bullets that collided in midair during the Battle of Gallipoli in World War 1. Astounding, right?

25. A rainbow? At twilight? On a bright day? With no rain?

Yeah, I’d call that a pretty amazing coincidence.

Which was your favorite picture? Or maybe you’ve had an astounding coincidence happen to you! Let us know with a COMMENT and don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE this article if you enjoyed it.

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