29 Hilarious Tweets That Prove Marriage Is The Best!

Marriage is a lot of work.

That’s something your not old enough when your planning your wedding or getting serious with your relationship.

When you first consider getting married, you don’t actually consider all the petty things you’ll argue about. Like the right and wrong way to the milk in the fridge.

It’s almost like people are trying to trap you in it, bringing it up at the last minute so it’s even harder for you to run away.

But hard work is very rarely a bad thing. It can be a good thing because in most cases it can make relationships stronger.

Marriage doesn’t have to feel like hard work. If your with the right person, then all that hard work feels less obvious.

When people get married, it’s like they finally have the perfect reason to tell bad jokes, make terrible puns that make your cringe, and do some pretty silly things that will wind you up in a matter of seconds.

Marriage can be a funny thing, especially when you consider all the funny ways your partner will drive you crazy.

But if your partner is driving you crazy with their terrible jokes then you’re doing something right!

Marriage is a funny thing, especially when it involves funny people.

Sometimes people like to share the hilarious quirks of their relationship with their friends and family online and those hilarious tweets go viral.


Because we all can appericate the hilarious truth their saying.

Here are some of the funniest tweets that perfectly sum up married life!


1. So Romantic

Don’t say your husband doesn’t buy you anything, he might just by you a tomatoes!

2. Peek-A-Boo

‘I found this in my bathroom… I hate my husband sometimes.’

3. Packed Lunch

This is why you should never ask your husband to pack your lunch.

4. Spare Bathroom

This is why you shouldn’t let your husband decorate your spare bedroom…

5. CJ’s Husband

Family reunions are always awkward when the family forgets your name…

6. Snap!

‘My wife and I got each other the same present for Christmas.’

7. Never Gets Old

Who said being married made you serious?

8. Not Sharing

When your married you learn that sharing doesn’t mean caring.

9. A Sign

I wonder if she’s trying to tell you something…

10. Still Wrong

‘After 60 years of marriage, my grandpa still uses a map to tell my grandma she’s wrong.’

11. Baking

“I love baking with my wife.”

12. Arguing Selfies

“My wife takes selfies mid argument, I wasn’t impressed!”

13. Too Literal

“I told my wife I wanted bacon wrapped ship, strawberries, and asparagus for dinner. She believed me.”

14. In Trouble

“I asked if I could use my wife’s phone. She said the password was our anniversary… I think I’m in trouble.”

15. Heart Breaker

I bet this puppy learnt that face from the wife!

16. Hide And Seek

Wives are able to find anything, unlike their husbands.

17. Decorating

“My husband thought it would be a good idea to hang up an old school desk… Idiot.”

18. Lazy

“We couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed to turn off the light.”

19. A Problem Shared

“I told my wife the floor was gross and needed a clean. I told her I’d do it but she said it didn’t need it. We cleaned half… This is the first time we’ve seen the floor in years!”

20. Passive Aggressive

“Love you too honey!”

21. Big Kid

“We bought a treadmill and my husband played with it.”

22. A Thoughtful Gift

What a thoughtful gift to get your wife when she’s giving birth!

23. Whisky

“My husband’s reaction when he realised I put whisky in his coffee.”

24. Boobs

That really got his attention!

25. A Poem

Aww, now that’s love!

26. A Lovely Note

“My wife left me this note.”

27. Lunch Notes

“I’ve started collecting my wife’s lunch notes.”

28. Evil Woman

“I really hate my wife sometimes.”

29. Frozen Yogurt

“My wife asked for frozen yogurt… Do I dare?”

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