Holding Your Hand In These Positions Can Have Incredible Health Benefits For Your Body

You’ve probably seen those famous pictures or statues of Buddha, sitting cross-legged and making a symbol with his hand.

Those same hand shapes are used all the time in yoga and meditation, but have you ever stopped to think why those same shapes are always used?

Many people are familiar with the famous ‘om’ position, in which the fingers and thumbs touch, but there are also several more hand positions like those.

Have you ever considered that they actually have a purpose and meaning behind them, and that they could actually help you out in every day life?

They are called Mudra Hand Gestures, and originally they came from India. These hand positions help to stimulate different areas of the body in order to do things like relieve aches, pains, and cure other issues.

There are 8 Mudra hand positions in total, and you could find it useful to incorporate those into your life.

1. Gyan Mudra

This is the classic ‘om’ pose that you are probably already familiar with, and has been made famous for centuries in meditation exercises.

You simply touch your index fingers to your thumbs. It’s a classic pose in some religions and in meditative yoga because it is meant to enhance wisdom. Other benefits that the Gyan Mudra is said to have include increasing the element of air within the body, which in turn boosts enthusiasm, and enhances both your thought processes and your memory. It’s also supposed to be a great for drowsiness, so try touching your thumbs with your index fingers next time your eyes feel heavy!

2. Aakash Mudra

The position involves touching the tip of your middle finger to the tip of your thumb, so like the Gyan Mudra but with your next finger.

This is supposed to help increase the space element within the body, which is used to relieve negative thoughts and emotions like anger, sadness, and fear. It’s also said detoxify the body, so it’s meant to be ideal for people with who suffer congestion and stuffy noses.

3. Prithvi Mudra

The Prithvi Mudra is actually pretty similar to the Aakash Mudra. You’re going to want to touch the tip of your middle finger to the tip of your thumb.

This position is supposed to help grow tissue, whilst relieving fatigue and healing muscles tired or damaged muscles. It can also be helpful to people who suffer from brittle bones, it can help to relieve dry skin and will leave your hair and nails in an improved condition.

4. Vaayu Mudra

For this position, place the tip of your index finger at the base of the thumb and press gently. Because it gives a feeling of calm to the person practicing the position, the Vaayu Mudra will help with restlessness and anxiety.

The calmness it instills is also good for things like aggressiveness, and can help with restlessness or people who feel hyperactive, or that have a limited attention span.

5. Surya Mudra

Place the ring finger towards the base of your thumb and gently apply some pressure.

This position is particularly useful for low body temperature, so if you’re feeling cold and need to warm up, and will help to calm your body if you are shivering with cold.

6. Shunya Mudra

Fold your middle finger down into your palm, then using your thumb, apply pressure for this position.

The Shunya Mudra can be helpful with pain, as well as many other health condition including nausea, travel sickness and even impaired hearing.



7. Varun Mudra

Touch the tip of your pinky finger together with your thumb to perform the Varun Mudra gesture. This will increase the water element within the body and can help with the painful symptoms of arthritic, and can also help people with hormonal imbalances.

It can also help if you often suffer from cramps, and can help if you’re feeling dehydrated. It’s also said to be a cure for dry skin and eczema, and can also improve your hair, eyes, and digestion.

8. Jal Shaamak Mudra

The final gesture involves the use of both hands. Place your pinky fingers underneath your thumb as shown above, and then apply some gentle pressure. This position can help with allergies and is also said to be good for people who suffer from glandular or digestive problems.

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