This Dangerous Social Media Craze Is Already Putting Kids In Hospital

We’ve all done some pretty dang stupid things as kids, and don’t pretend that you haven’t!

Whether it was playing out in the rain until you caught a cold, that time to broke your arm going too fast on your bike, or that time when your mom had the whole neighborhood out looking for you because she thought you’d been kidnapped. But you were just building a fort with your buddies and hadn’t told her where.

But there are other things too. Did anybody ever play that game when you were a kid were you scratched yourself until you bled? Some kids ended up with scars for years afterwards!

Well things like that are making a comeback, and it’s even harder for teachers and parents to crack down on, because it’s being spread through social media.

Yes, even though there are the dangers of drugs, unprotected sex, bullies, stranger danger and so on to worry about, along comes another disturbing trend for parents to fear.

Gone are the days when children spent hours outside playing games with their friends in playgrounds, in parks or on the streets. Well, they still go out nowadays, but mostly the games are all gone.

Kids these days are far more likely to go out holding their tablets and phones, to try out something they’ve learned on social media.

Often that will be a social media challenge, which can be a good thing, but sometimes it can be a bad thing.

Do you remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? That raised an amazing amount of money, all through social media, and is definitely a good example of a social media challenge doing some good.

Adults as well as children can be convinced to do these challenges, like the ‘one trip with the grocery bags’ on Twitter, which had millions try it out and post about it, just for the fun of it.

But some challenges come with risks, like this one does, which could effect kids’ health. The latest social media challenge has resulted in kids burning themselves, and both doctors and parents alike are pretty shocked by the whole thing.

Recently, doctors have seen a surge in medical cases involving minor burns, but they were nothing to do with common household accidents like with irons or stoves. Instead, these kids used salt and ice instead in a dangerous combination.

When those two common items are mixed, the two can do damage in the form of frostbite and even second-degree burns. Salt can actually reduce the temperature of ice to an incredible 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit, (about -17 celcius) which can quickly cause frostbite if it makes contact with the skin.

Videos of kids doing just that have now gone viral, spread by social media, with some kids pressing the ice and salt mixture to their skin with great pressure. This instantly causes them a lot of pain, as well as resulting in redness and even scarring.

But why would anyone burn themselves on purpose in the first place?

It’s because of a combination of peer pressure and kids wanting to gain fame and notoriety through social media. Sadly, kids have been ‘accepting’ this challenge and responding by posting their own videos.

Often the YouTube celebrities and vloggers are followed by hundreds of thousands or millions of users, and will film themselves doing this challenge for fast fame. Maybe they didn’t consider that the young people watching might try to copy them.

Now because of the spreading trend, kids have begun to be hospitalized with burns, with two children from California recently reported as having to be admitted for medical treatment following the challenge.

Authorities are beginning to advise parents and carers to be on the lookout, especially if their children request the ingredients to undertake the challenge.

If you have kids at home, it might be worth starting a conversation about this dangerous trend before it gets to that point. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Children’s charities have also issued warnings to parents about this latest craze, stating how important it is to keep a close eye on all emerging trends and the increasing peer pressure that children feel.

See one of the many challenge videos for yourself, so you know what to be on the lookout for if you monitor your kids’ internet useage.

Shocking, right? What do you think of this latest trend? Is it any worse that you experienced as a youngster, or is it far more dangerous with social media playing such a big role in young peoples’ lives now?

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