Women In The UK Are Furious About Kate Middleton's Third Child And Here's Why

Growing up I thought the British Royal Family lived a life of luxury with no rules.

But as I got older I learnt that the luxury they live in comes with a price.

The Royal Family work incredibly hard in order to maintain their lavish lifestyle, and while it may be a luxurious life, it’s certainly not cheap!

The world is fixated with the Royal Family, at least once a day most of us see a article or a news post about them.

A story giving up an insight into their lives.

Right now we’re obsessed with Prince George, this little boy who will one day be king. It’s really remarkable!

But we’re also in love with the next Royal baby, even though they haven’t been born yet!

They Royals are constantly being talked about.

Every thing they do, whatever they wear is constantly being put under scrutiny.

They are a bigger deal than most celebrities.

Because of the massive amount of public attention they receive, the Royals are very aware as their position as role models.

They’re constantly try set a good example for everyone else.

They prove that being regal is a lifestyle, not just a title.

Because of this people are interested in their family life and what it’s like inside the walls of Kensington Palace. But the royals are rather private about their day to day life.

The news of a third royal baby on its way was met with much celebration around the world.

It’s great news to hear that a happy family is expanding, but not everyone was happy to hear about the baby.

A lot of women in the UK were up in arms.

Recent news of Kate Middleton’s new pregnancy came at the wrong time and caused a big stir.

But why? Well, just like most things these days, it’s all down to politics.

The UK political party, the Conservative party,  decided to not include a government cost allowance for families with three or more children.

Because of this UK citizens are challenging the British monarchy, even mocking them.

They are privileged to have a third child because they can afford to have them, whereas many other women in the UK have to fight to support them.

Just like in America, women on welfare are struggling to support their families, and can’t seem to get a break! 

Thankfully there is a exception, but only if the child was the result of abuse, or rape. But then the mother has to prove either of those circumstances.

Kensington Palace recently announced the upcoming pregnancy, letting the whole world know there’s another royal baby on its way. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge first got pregnant with Prince George, then with Princess Charlotte.

But the announcement that they’re having a third child was met with a lot of protest.

Some Twitter users pointed out a very obvious fact, reminding everyone about the vast divide that exists between the upper class and the lower class.

Another user reminded us about how the tax credit cannot be issued for a third baby unless she can prove that foul play is involved.

Something which some people can find rather tricky.

One political twitter account even pointed how the strange and twisted logic which came into play with this pregnancy announcement.

The Tories celebrate the arrival of a third royal baby, while simultaneously enforcing a tax credit on regular children.

But Tory leader Theresa May had her fair share of problems with this new bylaw.

But with the new of a third royal child on its way, a lot of British residents are looking to the government, hoping to understand why the new royal baby should be exempt from this law, while other mothers are left without the financial support to raise three children.

What do you think about this strange reason why women in the UK are furious with the news of a third royal baby?

Feel free to let me know in the COMMENTS! As always, I love hearing from you!

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