17 Outrageous Selfies That Went Too Far

The act of taking a selfies have really taken over in the past few years, to the point where it seems like most of the photos you see online of people these days are selfies.

If you don’t know what a selfie is, where the heck have you been? You must have been living under a rock. Inside a cave. On Mars. With heavy metal music blasting through headphones. For the past ten years.

It’s sort of a shame that in years to come we’re not gonna have shoe boxes of old photos to look through like back in my day.

And any photos you do have, you’ll be showing the grandkids saying, “There’s one of my face… that’s one of my face… that was when I was in Paris, but it’s mostly my face… there’s me and your grandpa! Well… our faces, anyway…”

I’m just jealous, anyhow. Whenever I take a selfie I either have about 7 chins or it’s a blurred photo of the top of my forehead.

Check out these folks who know what they’ve doing… well, kinda…

1. This selfie is all about perspective

See, from this perspective, you can see that this guy is a good for nothing low down dirty cheating liar.

2. Here’s a cheat sheet for you in the event of serious injury: First, hospital. Second, selfie.

If you can’t feel your leg, how do you know it’s still hurting?

3. I would make a joke saying ‘wish you were here’, but that would be in bad taste

I guess this selfie is all about perspective too… I mean, I’ve heard of hot dog legs photos on the beach, but this is ridiculous.

4. And the award for most selfies ever taken at one time goes to… this guy!

If only he had a mirror on the wall behind him too! Infinite selfie!

5. Some people are just so full of empathy it makes your heart glad

Then on the other hand, there’s this guy. He looks like he’s having a much better day than his teacher, but that doesn’t count for much.

6. This lady was so bored in a lecture she decided to take a laptop selfie

The professor would have to be a heck of a shot to throw something at her from down there, but I have confidence in the guy.

7. This cop does NOT look impressed at this pair taking a selfie after he had pulled them over

If you want a fast and easy way of getting to spend a night in a jail cell, this is definitely it.

8. Ever wondered what the back of your head looks like… while you’re peeing?

When his visits to the barbers just didn’t give enough back of the head action, this guy broke out the selfie stick and got busy with the wizzy.

9. What’s the first thing you do after you total your car?

Call the emergency services? Give thanks that you’re still alive? Dial up your insurance company to tell them what happened? Nah! You take a photo of your battered, bloody, stupid face!

10. The way to a girl’s heart does not involve using a selfie stick, trust me

Seriously dude, she looks SO annoyed. Just take the hint and at least let her enjoy the food before she stabs you with that thing and has to go to prison over it.

11. Check out this freakin’ genius!

When they were handing out brain cells, he brought a colander to carry them away!

12. This person is dressed as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich… obviously.

Is that a swarm of very excited bees I can hear getting closer?

13. Hey, if you can guess what’s going on here, you win a prize!

Give up? The guy in the hat and sunglasses is the actor James Franco. Everybody is trying to get a selfie with him, and failing miserably. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me, and ol’ Jimmy boy looks super impressed.

14. Is what it looks like is happening here… y’know… happening here?

Something tells me grandma needs her medication refilling again! Nurse!

15. So let me get this straight…

Mom is taking a selfie… and her daughter is taking a photo of mom taking a selfie… and her OTHER daughter is taking a photo of her sister taking a photo of their mom taking a selfie… so who the freakin’ heck is taking THIS photo that we’re seeing?

16. Sheesh, sensitivity really doesn’t come naturally to some people, does it?

The smiling emoji really takes the cake here.

17. I can’t decide what’s more disturbing

The face this guy is pulling, or the sight of his… erm… ‘ample’ backside in the mirror.

Which overboard selfie was your favorite? Maybe you’ve snuck a selfie at a totally inappropriate moment, or perhaps you think all cameras should point AWAY from you! Either way, let us know with a COMMENT and don’t forget to SHARE this article with your friends and family if you enjoyed it.

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