21 Parents Reveal The Weirdest Thing Their Child Has Ever Said To Them

Trying to get a child to do something is almost impossible at times. Either they don’t follow the simple instructions you give them, or they take them too literally. It’s rather annoying at times, and it can really test your nerve as a parent.

But it’s just kids being kids, as annoying as it may be at times, they don’t know any better, and they’re having fun.

Plus, you were like that for your parents at one point in your life, so it’s only fair that it happens to you. It’s just a thing every parent must face.

But sometimes your kids will tell you something so strange it shocks you.

Here are some of the weirdest things children have ever said to their parents.

1. Creepy

On day my daughter told me: ‘Daddy, when I’m seven I’m going to kill you. No wait, when I’m eight.’

When I asked her how she was going go do that, she smiled and said ‘I’m going to drive over your head with this car.’

2. An Accident

My cousin was two years old when my aunt got pregnant again.

One day my cousin went to her side and looked straight at her with a sad smile and said the creepiest thing ever. ‘Little brother is sick.’

My aunt didn’t think too much about it but she ended up having a miscarriage a few days later. It was a boy.

3.  Don’t Do It

This was the moment I learnt my child was a bit odd.

When this happened my daughter was 3. She was taking a bath and looked at me dead in the eyes with a beard made of soap and said “mummy, if you bit and ate all my fingers off I wouldn’t love you anymore”. 

4. A Prediction

My son kept saying he had a baby sister who wore a bow. He never had a baby sister, but his mom went through a miscarriage. It’s like there’s some unspoken connection between siblings.

5. Who Wants Seconds?

“Daddy, I want to drill into your tummy, crawl inside and eat your dinner.” 

6. A Second Life

My son really creeped out my husband when he was a toddler.

You see, m husband was talking to our  son about growing potatoes and he replied with: “I used to do that when I was an old man.” 

7. True Crime Podcast

My daughter must have been listening to true crime podcasts because she was playing jail with me and said I was in jail because “You murdered a 23-year-old woman while she was jogging in the early morning.”

8.  Car Ride

Me and my daughter were in the car. I was taking her for ice cream.

A mosquito landed on her hand and she smacked it, killing it instantly.

That’s when she turned to me and said: “That was my first time killing something.” 

9. What Is Death?

My son has a pretty cool understanding for a two year old.

While it’s impressive, its also creepy. When we told him our dog died he said ‘All her thoughts left her body’. 

10. An Odd Teacher

My daughter learnt how to cross her eyes when she was 8.

When I asked her how she learnt to do it, she said ‘the boy taught me at night.’ and demonstrated the trick. Sue’s brother new that trick and taught her. But he died when she was 5.

11. Spanish Class

I’m an English teacher, and I was hired at a spanish school in my gap year.

 One day a student walked up to my and with a straight face said ‘Te vas a la muerte’ or ‘you’re going to die.’

Naturally, my mouth flew open and the student laughed and said ‘Ha! You do speak Spanish!’ 

12. Uncle

I was telling my niece how people can’t really change.

She had just met three siblings and the oldest wasn’t the tallest. She found this weird.

So I told her that she could grow up to be taller than me though I would always be older. That’s when she said ‘You’ll be dead sooner too.’

13. A Long Trip

During a long road trip, our son (who was 4 or 5) suddenly ducked and said he didn’t want to get glass in his eyes. Moments later, a snowmobile pulled out in front of a trailers and hit a few cars. We were safe but it was almost as if he has predicted the accident.

14.  Ghost

I once had to share a room with my 4-year-old daughter.

One morning when I woke up, my daughter told her a ghost with no face had been standing over her bed, touching her arm, and taking her dreams with its mouth. 

15. Nap Time

After my daughter woke up from her nap, she spoke in a perfect Irish accent… We’re not Irish.

16. Eyes

When she was 7, she came home from school with a note from her teacher.

My daughter wasn’t the type of kid who got in trouble often, so I was worried something had happened.

The note said that my daughter had drew a strange and worrying picture. She drew a ‘man in her room’.

When I asked her about it and why a man was in her room she simply said ‘because he can see the storm coming’.

17. Teeth

I was playing with my nephew and he covered his head with a sheet. I told him he could out but he then covered my head with the sheet.

When I laughed and asked if I could come out he responded angrily through gritted teeth ‘Because I don’t want you too.’

18. Sleep Walking

When I was younger I would often sleepwalk to my parents room. When they tried to put me to bed I would say ‘I can’t sleep because the tall men are walking’.

This stopped after moving houses but one day at church, a kid asked my  parents ‘who are those tall men with your daughter?’

19. Blue Ash

My son use to tell stories about a boy named John and a baby.

Over time I put together that he appeared to be talking about a past life.

Whenever I asked him about it he would get very upset and the biggest clue was that ‘John’ made boxes from Blue Ash.

20. Peanut Butter

My aunt told me a story about her niece when she was four years old.

She said the little one told her she had a baby but it drowned, and that her name was Peanut Butter.

21. A Big Thinker

At 8 years old my son said he didn’t choose this life, or how it began, but that he could control how it ends. 

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