21 Things All Cat Owners Know To Be True

Cats are rather strange creatures.

Whenever we try to fuss them, they bat our hand away or even bite it, all because we’re not rubbing their tummy in the exact location that they like.

Like I said, they’re really weird animals!

It’s often easier trying to find out what a baby’s cries mean than understand what a cat wants.

You’ll spend a lot of money on your cat, but most of it ends up wasted.

Instead of sleeping in that fancy memory foam cat bed, they end up sleeping in the box it came in.

Obviously, cats hate the sight of comfort!

Here are just a few things only cat owners will understand.

1. They Have A Thing For Boxes

Cats will always pick the box over the toy, even if the toy was rather pricey.

They’ll go for the box first, every time.

2. Plastic

Or instead of playing with the toy, they’ll play with the plastic packaging instead.

It really is a hard life being a cat!

3. Just Hanging Out

They’ll always manage to find the weirdest places to hang out of. If it fits, it’s sits!

The Doors Always Open

Your bedroom door is always open, but not for emotional support. If you don’t leave it open your cat will scratch the door all night long!

Small Spaces

You’re always surprised by their ability to fit into small spaces.

Heart Melted

Your heart melts over all the little adorable things they do.

It’s so hard not to gush over them!

Give Up On Saving It

There’s always one piece of furniture you’ve given up on saving.

It’s too shredded to save, so what’s the point of trying?

Little Distractions

Cats provide the perfect distraction. Whether your working from home or studying. To pet or not to pet is the question!

A Special Meow

They have a very special meow to grab your attention.

It’s very unique and distinct, whenever you hear it, you stop what your doing to pet them.

Little Conversations

You have frequent conversations with your cats.

I can’t blame you, they’re such good listeners!

Cat Hair Is Everywhere

Cat hair gets everywhere. You’re not even surprised by the places it turns up!

The Cutest Cat

You think that your cat is the cutest cat in existence, and you love them like your own child.

Odd Places

Some of the positions they end up in not only defy logic, but they make no sense! How is it possible?!

They’re Stubborn.

Cats are incredibly stubborn. Need I say more?

More Than One

If you have more than one cat then you’ll know that they make an adorable double act.

Cat Theme

You have at least one cat-themed product.

Gone Missing

You have a panic attack thinking your cat has gone missing, but they’re always hiding in plain sight.

Zen Masters

“I have lived with several Zen masters — all of them cats.” -Eckhart Tolle

Never Ending Fun

Their obsession with the laser pointer never really ends.

Breaking Bad

You honestly think they break stuff because it’s fun.

Soothing Sounds

Their purrs are the most soothing sound in the world. They’ve been proven to be beneficial to our health.

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