23 Large Scale Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind

So it’s time to blow away the cobwebs that have been gathering in your brain.

The brain is one of the most advanced organs of any known species, but before you get ahead of yourself and your head begins to swell, we should remind you that the brain isn’t exempt from being tricked in to things every now and then. 

We’re all familiar with optical illusions, they trick our brain into thinking we’re seeing something that isn’t actually there.

Some very clever artists have been creating unique optical illusions that are mind boggling, it’s practically  impossible for them to go unnoticed.

These works of optical illusion art are incredible, and it just goes to show how creative and remarkable their creators are!

These large scale illusions take trickery and art to a whole new and very different level!

It’s mind blowing!

At first glance, this large-scale optical illusion is quite alarming. If you come across these works of art while your driving, you might get very confused!

But in reality, this street is realistically and delicately painted so  at the right angle, it looks like you’re looking at something completely different.

When you look at it from any other angle, the painting will look distorted and weird. They become pretty unrecognizable!

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself!

1. Coffee Anyone?

I know I ordered a large coffee, but I wasn’t expecting that!

2. An Artistic Car

Talk about putting things on a pedestal! That’s crazy!

3. Our House

This is incredible, how did they do that?!

4. Half And Half

How is that standing? That must be one very strong ladder!

5. Left The Tap On

Whoops! It looks like someone left the tap on! This is incredible!

6. A Big Jump

Now that’s a crazy jump! I hope they don’t get hurt!

7. Not Sitting

Maybe sitting down on there isn’t the best idea, you know, just in case it’s real!

8. The Upside Down

Ok, this has officially blown my mind!

9. Glamor Shot

Ok, this is actually really incredible! That must have taken a lot of time and effort!

10. Office Hours

This is actually a realistic depiction of what it feels like to work in an office!

11. Floating

Wow, what a strong message!

12. Out In The Wild!

Oh no, I think someone let the snake out of the zoo!

13. Pepsi Anyone?

Anyone fancy a pepsi? It’s magic!

14. I See You

That’s both amazing and creepy! I think that would freak me out if I saw it in real life!

15. Don’t Fall!

I’d seriously hate to dry down that road!

16. All Around Her

That’s very impressive! I wonder how long it look her to do that?!

17. A Whole New World

What an impressive view from up here! That looks like a dream come true!

18. Down We Go

Ok, this has officially boggled my head!

19. Use The Plank

If I had to ride over that I think I’d have a serious case of the wobbles!

20. A Fantasy Plane

Can we all just take a moment to peripatetic how incredible this is and how long it must have taken?

21. Snail Trail

I bet that took a lot of planning!

22. Street Art

That’s very impressive!

23. Walk Like The Beetles

Ok, this had to be my favourite!

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