25 Hilarious Why Children At Weddings Isn't Always The Best Idea

Weddings are one of the most important events in any couple’s life.

It’s suppose to be a special time where they publicly commit themselves to one another, in front of their friends and family.

Couples often spend a lot of time and money on these huge events, with the average wedding costing $26,720!

It’s a serious occasion that takes a lot to organise!

When most people plan a wedding, a lot of effort is put in to make it look nice.

From finding the perfect wedding dress, the best suits, bridesmaids dresses, even the right flowers and venue! Everything has to be perfect.

Some people prefer their weddings to be child free while others welcome those little rugrats with open arms!

But having children at your wedding isn’t always the best idea.

Things don’t tend to go to plan when children are involved, and it’s always funny. But it does take attention off the bride and groom on their special day.

Trying to get a child to perform a certain job or to behave can be tricky.

Trying to get a child to do something is almost impossible at times. Either they don’t follow the simple instructions you give them, or they take them too literally. It’s rather annoying at times, and it can really test your nerve as a parent.

But it’s just kids being kids, as annoying as it may be at times, they don’t know any better, and they’re having fun.

Plus, you were like that for your parents at one point in your life, so it’s only fair that it happens to you. It’s just a thing every parent must face.

Here are a few hilarious photos showing kids being adorable and mischievous at a wedding.


1. Unimpressed Wedding Guest

I’d like to think those were wears of joy, but I doubt it!

2. So Bored

They don’t look impressed with this whole wedding thing!

3. Run Riot!

Inviting children to weddings always invites mischief along with it!

4. Can’t Go On

Children and dance floors are never a good mix!

5. Dancing Queen

Wait, is that the latest dance move? That’s pretty impressive!

6. Playing Games

It looks like toy truck was more interesting than the actual wedding.

7. Pillow Fight

Ok, I’m actually impressed with this kid. That’s a great throw!

8. Keep Smiling

I think she’s sick of having her photo taken…

9. Run Away Bridesmaid

I think she’s done with this wedding!

10. Show Off

Oh goodness!

11. Nap Time

Hitting yourself with a pillow doesn’t mean it’s nap time!

12. I’m Done

That has to be the best entrance I’ve ever seen!

13. Get Out Of There

This little boy isn’t impressed with the groom’s antics!

14. Out Of The Park

That’s so adorable!

15. Think Fast

That wasn’t the best idea he’s ever had…

16. Not Again

Now that little boy is an adorable wedding crasher!

17. So Bored

His reaction is understandable since kissing is gross…

18. A Fan Favorite

This little girl wasn’t impressed with the royal wedding!

19. What The Heck?

This is hilarious!

20. Run Away

Everyone run, the bride is coming!

21. Cheers

She looks totally done with this wedding!

22. Nosey

I hope she doesn’t wipe it on the bride’s dress.

23. Can I Go Yet?

He’s ready to leave but the party isn’t over!

24. Grumpy Face

This has to be the grumpiest page boy I’ve ever seen!

25. Why Do That?

Don’t you just hate it when the bride and groom kiss each other at their own wedding?!

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