25 Hilariously Relatable Posts About Procrastination For When You Should Be Doing Something Important

Everybody puts off doing stuff all the time, it’s the way of the world. I really should’ve written this last week but, meh.

It’s the people who actually get things done when they say they’re going to who hold this whole show together.

And even then, you know those political meetings that go on until 3am before they hammer out a trade deal or whatever? Do you really think they’ve been going since 9am that morning?

Heck, no! They only got started at 11am, when everyone had finished breakfast, and one guy rolled in with a Dunkin Donuts coffee. Then, they didn’t get much done before a 2 hour lunch break. After that everybody was sleepy, so it wasn’t a productive afternoon.

So once you’ve ordered some pizza in for dinner, one politician finally speaks up, “Guys, we HAVE to arrange this trade deal today” and everybody panics.

See? Everybody procrastinates. I’ll go do some more research about it. But first…

1. Well now fellow procrastinators, I think we have found our once and future ruler

This person is really taking it to the next level here, that’s procrastination gone meta right there.

2. Has anybody else done this?

I think we all know that word, and that word is ‘life’.

3. It’s a constant cycle

The longer you put something off, the more you put it off, and the more tears there will be when you actually come to try to do it.

4. I think George R.R. Martin is all of us

I don’t know what’s freakin’ slower, him writing those books or HBO making six dang episodes and calling it a season every few years!

5. There’s no reason to stop procrastinating because you’ve got something more important to do

You’ve just got to procrastinate in a different way.

6. One of history’s greatest procrastinators

Ol’ Tommy J was there at 11:45 pm thinking, “July 4th, July 4th… why does that date sound familiar?”

7. You can put things off in the virtual world just as much as the real world

Trust me, I still don’t even know this character’s name yet and I’ve been playing this game for two weeks solid now.

8. I think we’ve all been down the YouTube rabbit hole just like this

I bet that comment was made at 2:30 am too.

9. You know when you get all prepared to be productive…

That FEELS productive, right? And as long as it FEELS productive, then that’s just as good as actually being productive!

10. The best procrastinators have time on their hands even when it doesn’t seem like they have time on their hands

They will also find something to do where other people just look and find a giant tub of candy bars.

11. You saw though, right? YOU SAW!

We’re like dogs trying to hide from clocks: ‘If I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist’.

12. This lady speaks for us all

Well, I put the ‘cra’ in ‘procrastinate’. As in, “Hey did you do that thing I asked you to do 6 hours ago?”. Oh, craaaa…

13. Lists are your best friend when you’re to put something off

Make a list of things to do today! First entry, make a ‘to do’ list! Tick! I think I deserve a break now…

14. And WHY do you think you’re very stressed about your finals?

What an intricate web we weave!

15. Never a truer word spoken, or tweeted for that matter

But whatever makes you feel better!

16. You deserve a little me time after doing that one job, right?

You definitely earned it!

17. It doesn’t get any easier as you get older!

Trust me, those problems go from ‘I didn’t study for this test’ to ‘I didn’t call a plumber and now the leak has gotten so bad the ceiling collapsed’ in the blink of an eye.

18. Tasks are like water, right?

They expand to take up the whole of whatever space you put them in.

19. That’s like me with everything

The will to get out of bed, the will to live, the will to eat… well… maybe not the will to eat…

20. How relatable is this lady?

It turned out fine in the end, and her only daughter Blueberry has grown up to be a success!

21. Hey, that’s a good point

Somebody needs to look into this stuff.

22. Ahh it’s like a soothing warm bubble bath!

Oh you haven’t started trying to work your life out yet either? Same here man, same here!

23. Don’t get stressed out, it’s not like your future is at stake

Will the world stop turning if you fail a test? Maybe if you were studying to be someone who made a world spinning device we all depend on in years to come.

24. I know these feels

I can afford to lose bobby, so I can probably have this cup of coffee… and Emily… hmm I suppose when it gets to Joey I should THINK about making a start.

25. I think we can all relate to this

On a sadly hilarious level, as broken people.

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