30 Photoshop Fails That Should Have Never Seen The Light Of Day

Do you ever see a photo in a magazine and marvel at all of the excellent photo editing work that went into it to make it look so polished? Well, today is not going to be one of those days. If you’re expecting perfect works of art, you’re gonna be disappointed, BUT if you’re after a photoshop train wreck then park your butt and grab your popcorn. Here are 30 photoshop fails that are completely unbelievable.

1. Are abs meant to go all the way up to your pecs?

And while we’re at it, check out that overly inflated arm! This just gets worse the more you look at it.

2. Help! It’s Bigfoot!

Oh wait no, it’s just terrible photoshop. Crisis over.

3. Hands off!

I don’t know why she looks so happy, I’d be freaked out if a disembodied hand had me in it’s grasp!

4. Nice try buddy

World’s strongest man, he ain’t!

5. Erm, ma’am? Are you okay?

Because it looks like both of your arms are dislocated. Just sayin’.

6. At least she has both of her arms!

This lady lost her arm in a tragic photoshopping accident.

7. She’s all about that bass, ’bout that bass

…so why photoshop Megan Trainor’s bass away? Somebody really didn’t think this through.

8. Somebody skipped leg day

How’s she supposed to stand on those tiny, misshapen calves?

9. Yeah, it’s definitely my car.

What do you mean, you don’t believe me!

10. Where did her legs go?

Not only did she lose half of her body, but she gained a serious tan too!

11. Selena’s new bae has some really weird hands

If you’re gonna photoshop yourself into a picture with a girl, at least make it your whole self and don’t just dispose of half of your hand in the process.

12. Not even dogs are safe

This poor pug’s feeling all backed up!

13. It’s the incredible hulk!

The comments just make this disaster even better.

14. No surgery necessary!

Every time she tries to walk anywhere she just ends up toppling over. Luckily enough the Photoshop has destroyed their room too, so it’s as wobbly as she is!

15. The mirror never lies

She might be a liar, but at least the mirror’s honest!

16. They’re armed and dangerous

Imagine if your arms were this long, you’d never have to worry about reaching something on a high shelf again!

17. Disney just gave up on this one

They just looked at that third hand sprouting from Vanessa Hudgens’ arm and though “meh, that’ll do!”

18. This will get all the ladies on Tinder swiping right!

I don’t know what’s more concerning, the obvious skin colour change or the fact that his belly button is so high up!

19. Not even the poster on his wall looks real

I love that he’s not only photoshopped a model into the picture with him, but he’s also given himself a photoshop facelift. That’s dedication.

20. That arm looks painful!

Looks like if she moved too fast it would snap!

21. Is it a pudding or a ghoooooost?

Maybe it’s a feature of the snack, it’ll never spill because it floats all by itself!

22. There’s a thigh gap and then there’s this

She looks like she’s wearing somebody else’s legs.

23. She smashed these stairs up when she was Lemonade-ing

Looks like Queen Bey needs a new royal photo editor.

24. That’s just creepy!

Seriously, don’t look at that arm for too long or it’ll appear in your nightmares.

25. Belly button? What’s that?

Of all the pointless things to photoshop out, why did this lady need to lose her belly button?

26. I’m so ripped, bro!

But only in one arm. Nowhere else. At all.

27. Her missing arm is the least of his problems

Just wait until he has to explain to his Mom that his new girlfriend’s a giant.

28. I don’t even know where to start

The weird arms, the overly short torso, the missing fingers, it’s all just awful.

29. It’s not a good fit

That’s gotta be really uncomfortable!

30. How many arms does this guy have?

He’s the ultimate multitask-er!

What’s the weirdest photoshop fail you’ve ever seen? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share with your family and friends!

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