Does Your Food Look Like This? 10 Signs You Should Stay Away From That Snack!

Okay people, confession time, we’ve all eaten something that’s gone over the expiration date. Some of these decisions probably weren’t the best we’ve ever made, I mean I’ll never forget that time I accidentally drank chunky milk, absolute nightmare! If you want to avoid these food disasters, keep reading while we explain 10 subtle signs you can look for when you’re not sure if that food is safe to eat!

1. Yoghurt

I know some yoghurt is meant to have yummy fruity chunks in it and that’s great but if your yoghurt is chunky in a way that’s definitely not fruit, put it down! Back away from the yoghurt before you make your stomach regret it.

2. Eggs

The best way to tell if your egg is off is to pop it in some water and see if it floats, if it does then it’s a bad egg. But what if you’ve not got any water around? Crack it open and see if the yolk and egg white are separated, if they’re merging together you’ve got yourself a bad egg.


3. Canned goods

Well, this one’s real simple, are you ready? The best way to check if canned goods are in date is to… drumroll please… read the date on the label! Seriously, these things have such a long expiration date that if you’ve made it past that date, you definitely don’t wanna eat it. Also, check the cans for dents and swelling, these could indicate a problem with the food within.

4. Herbs and spices

Do your herbs throw up a cloud of dust when you shake them? I’m not being sarcastic about the age of that rosemary here, you should definitely check for a dust trail when you’re using your herbs. A trail of dust could indicate that insects have gotten to your herb supply and you should probably get some new ones!

5. Potatoes

Look at your potato. Go on, I’ll wait. Is it green? Yes? Then don’t eat that potato! It’s that simple, people.

6. Tomatoes

If your tomato is bad it will likely have cracks or sunken spots all over it’s surface and if you give it a little squeeze, it’ll feel mushy. Don’t eat it unless you want to feel like you’re in some sort of B-movie horror flick.

7. Bread

Yeah, I know we’ve all looked at a slightly mouldy piece of bread before and thought “eh, I’ll just scrape it off”, but don’t! The mould might look like it’s gone, but the toxins it’s made of are still there! And why bother with mediocre, stale bread when you could have a lovely fresh loaf right out of the oven? That’s a no brainer to me!

8. Milk

Ah, milk, my old deceptive adversary. Always perform the sniff test on your milk, it’s rule number one! If it stinks to high heaven, do yourself a favour and don’t use it. But what if you have a cold? Well just drop a little of your milk into some hot water. If it’s bad, the milk will rise to the top in small, thin clumps.

9. Cucumbers

No, your cucumber is not sad but it will have tears on it if it’s gone bad. This is because it’s secreting a toxin that can damage your stomach lining. No wonder cats are so afraid of them!

10. Dry goods

The rule of thumb with this one is to trust your nose. If your granola, oats, popcorn, or whatever smell bad, don’t eat them. I don’t care how much drama is kicking off on Facebook, do not eat that funky popcorn!

Do you have any tips and tricks to tell if your food is past it’s expiration date? Don’t keep ’em to yourself, let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends!

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