12 Completely Terrible People That Will Destroy Your Faith In Humanity, And 12 Wonderful People Who Will Make You Smile Again

The world we live in works on a balance of good and evil and sometimes, I’ll be honest, it can be hard to see the good! It seems like we’re surrounded by mean-spirited idiots who just want to make sure that everyone has a bad day. But it’s easy to get so caught up in this that we can’t see all of the wonderful little things that are going on around us every day. That’s why we’ve found 12 terrible people who will make you feel bad about the world and 12 that will make you remember that everything’s not so bad after all!

1. This person taking up two handicapped parking spaces

Because they just NEEDED their chicken nuggets that badly.

2. This man devoting his time to teach kids about science.

I want to be more like this guy.

3. People who just can’t be bothered to put the milk back in the fridge.

I get that you don’t want it, but why waste it like that?

4. This restaurant that wants to help those in need.

I love how they give a vegetarian option too, what sweethearts!

5. This person who ruined a perfectly good Nutella snack

It’s bad enough that they opened it and left it but they took the Nutella from it too! That’s the best part, you evil person!

6. This person who left their change for the next person

That’s really paying it forward! …or would it be backward if they were behind them in the line? Either way it’s a nice thing to do!

7. Someone who threw paint on this poor dog

There’s a special circle of hell for people who harm animals. Pure evil.

8. This person searching for help for an injured bird he found in the street.

Now this person is going straight to heaven, no doubt about it

9. This person taking up about 5 seats on the train.

Because nobody else wanted to sit there. Especially not those people stood up next to you.

10. This person helping another commuter to tie their tie.

This is such a simple act of kindness, I love it!

11. This person berating the homeless.

All I can say is that karma comes around to us all.

12. This person who left gifts for a sleeping homeless person.

Now that’s how you should be treating people!

13. This person who wants to drive on the hard shoulder to get ahead of traffic

We’ve all got places to go, buddy, what makes you more important?

14. This guy who went out of his way to help a fellow driver.

This is the hero everyone needs when they get a flat!

15. People who leave trains like this

Just because you don’t want to clean up after yourself doesn’t mean anyone else wants to either!

16. These kind troops helping out after Hurricane Katrina

Imagine the difference they must have made in that situation!

17. This person who thinks the entire bike rack is for them

They know that rack has enough slots for about 20 bikes. They still don’t care.

18. These racks of coats for people who need them.

I think every city should have a setup like this.

19. This person who brought their laptop to the movies

They don’t care that they’re ruining the movie for everyone else. They just need to be able to browse Facebook every second of the day!

20. This barber who’s just trying to make someone else’s life better.

It’s the little things in life that make a huge difference!

21. People who leave parks and green spaces like this.

They’re not your own personal dumping ground, people!

22. This young man helping an elderly lady through a sudden hail storm.

He’s a real knight in shining armour… or is that knight with a rainbow umbrella?

23. People who use the free water cups for anything that’s not water.

I mean, I’m pretty sure he could afford to pay for that lemonade.

24. This person who paid for the next person’s coffee and left them this sweet note.

If their day wasn’t wonderful before, it sure is perfect now!

What’s the kindest thing you’ve ever seen someone do for another person? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family. Remind them that there’s still some good in this crazy world!

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