15 Handy Home Repair Hacks You'll Want To Use Right Away!

We can’t all be amazing at everything, and home improvements are definitely an area where some people could… well.. improve!

We aren’t all superstar handymen and handywomen around the house, so that’s when we call in the professionals.

But sometimes a job is just too small to pay somebody to do it. But then again, it’s probably just about big enough to annoy you, so what do you do in a situation like that?

Well, you can follow some of these handy hints for guidance! They should see that stuff around your house stays working properly for longer, and that you can fix it if it does break!

Maybe you can’t afford to call in a handyman every time, but you’ll be able to afford these simple fixes.

1. Did you know that clear nail polish can help you from having a screw loose?

Yup, just spread a little on the thread of a screw before you screw it in, and it will take way longer to come loose.

2. Got a hole or a ding in your plaster, but you don’t want to mess up a big area by filling it?

A wax crayon works well as a temporary fix before you plaster a larger area. Just scrub some white crayon into the hole, applying plenty of pressure to smooth it over.

3. Another neat trick for plaster fixes is to use a bar of soap

It’s a simple home repair hack that can save you from busting out the filler every time your plaster at home gets the slightest bump or ding!

4. A strip of tape can help you to achieve a perfectly straight edge when you’re applying caulk

Just make sure you tear away the tape while the caulk is still wet, and you’ll have a much neater edge!

5. It’s a nightmare when you’re trying to replace a lightbulb, and then for whatever reason, the glass breaks

What do you do then? How do you replace a broken lightbulb without maiming your hands? Well, consider trying this neat trick with a potato! Just twist the sharp edges into the soft flesh, and then unscrew as normal!

6. How do you remove an old screw that has lost its head?

If the head of a screw has been stripped by rust or time, try getting it loose by putting a rubber band between the screw and your screwdriver for improved grip.

7. How do you tell where your toilet is leaking from? Simple! You use Kool-Aid!

I know right! Just remove the lid from the cistern of your toilet, add some Kool Aid mixture and wait an hour. If when you return the water in the toilet bowl looks like this…

You know from the Kool-Aid colored water that the cistern is leaking into the bowl!

8. A little padding like this on the edge of your cupboard and cabinet doors will stop them from slamming closed

It also means they will rattle way less in every day usage too!

9. No oil to hand, but that squeaky door driving you bananas?

A small dose of carefully-applied cooking spray to the hinge will get rid of that pesky squeak!

10. If there is a dent or a bump in your wooden floor, you can cure it!

Just wet the spot with a little water, apply a wet cloth or towel and then iron over the spot for a few seconds!

11. It’s a nightmare when your kids draw on the walls, and there’s no option but to redecorate

But before you resort to that, and as long as you don’t have matte finish paint, try cleaning the area with a little WD-40 on a rag.

12. The caulk grooves between tiles can be quite a tough job to get clean

But work smarter not harder by applying some toilet cleaner! The nozzle means you’ll really target those gaps, and once you’ve let it sit for 15 minutes, scrub it up with a toothbrush!

13. If you have a small hold in your bug screen, there’s no need to throw it away just yet

Try busting out that clear nail polish again to invisibly glue together small holes.

14. Creaking floorboards are horrible, and can really give your home that haunted house vibe

Often times, it’s caused by the two planks of wood rubbing against each other, so you can cure it by applying baby powder in the gaps where they meet.

15. So you’ve moved some furniture around, and now you have those annoying dents in your carpet. Great.

Did you know you can cure these by leaving some ice to melt into the affected area of carpet?

Are you going to try any of these hints and hacks out in your own home? We’d love to hear if you are, and if they worked, with a COMMENT! If you enjoyed this article and think your friends and family would also find it useful, don’t forget to SHARE it!

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