16 People Who Asked For Help From The Photoshop Troll And Immediately Regretted It

If you haven’t heard of James Fridman, get on board because the guy is hilarious.

He’s a professional graphic designer from Britain, who has shot to fame for his amazing Photoshop skills.

Famously, he takes requests on Twitter for alterations to photographs that people send him for alteration

He responds reliably enough, but his edited image has often been done to different specifications than the person expected, with hilarious results!

Currently James has over three million fans across his social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and people are loving his witty work!

Here are some of the latest examples of his Photoshopping work, and we just can’t get enough!

1. People come to him when they think something about a photo they have taken needs changing, like this guy in shorts…

I think you’ll find that THOSE are obnoxiously short shorts, kiddo!

2. I hate that awkward moment when you realize that somebody is taking a photo and you’re going to be in the background

I like this kid too, I can really see myself in him! I end up looking like I’m catching flies in the background of photos too!

3. Sometimes it’s people who need adding to photos, not taking away!

Nobody is alone when MJ is around! He’s really improved this kid’s photo, he must have been so pleased when he got it back.

4. This kid wanted some help in growing up fast, and losing those youthful looks

I love the binder that he has under his arm now! I guess this is one of the most successful times he’s made a difference to a photo, he has sure added years to this kid!

5. Sometimes he gets asked to do impossible things, so he has to come with creative solutions for them

How do you know he’s not dabbing any more? He might be so committed to dabbing that he carried right on until he was inches from hitting the floor!

6. What does N.A. stand for anyways, No Ass?

I’m sure the Photoshop troll was MULE-ing this one over for a while!

7. Can you FEEL the burn?

It’s hysterical that he even made her lips smaller!

8. You’re right, it is weird that she has her eyes open in this photo like she’s struggling to breathe

Maybe it was all the magic of the magic kingdom… that or she was transfixed by her boyfriend’s amazing good looks. Either way, this photo has certainly been trans-fixed now!

9. Well I’m pretty confused at this whole situation, but I know the Photoshop troll can make sense of it all

See? Now this makes perfect sense! You really can’t argue with the skills on this guy!

10. Who would want to ruin such a lovely moment? Maybe the other person said ‘no’ I guess…

To be fair, I have a feeling this is what I look like to other people when I cross my legs.

11. Is it just me, or does this guy look like a cartoon piano dropped on him?

Wow, he’s done such a subtle job there, I can barely even tell where the airbrush marks are!

12. Whether it’s the back or the front, he really solved this problem

Gee whiz, and there’s me thinking it was the 7 year old girl asking for help from the Photoshop troll.

13. He really does look like he’s uncomfortable

Is this some sort of hostage situation that we’re seeing in this photo?

14. Compliments will get you everywhere with James!

He looks like he’s having a great time, I bet she will be really pleased with this result!

15. Exactly how do you make somebody LOOK rich?

Well if she was expecting to be Photoshopped onto her own personal space station, I guess she was mistaken.

16. I bet this was exactly what she had in mind

What does the guy have in mind? You can probably HEAR the thoughts going on in that head now!

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