16 Pictures That Show Kate Middleton’s Style Before She Was Famous

Since their wedding made them the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate have become some of the most famous and photographed people in the world.

They’re a constant source of fascination to people in their home of the UK and across the world, where we see photos of them, both together and apart, all the time.

They’ve certainly got a ‘look’ these days, which is carefully put together by a management team to present their best side to the media.

Prince William is often in smart dress or tailored suits, whereas Kate often wears elegant and regal looking dresses and jackets.

But of course it hasn’t always been like that, and Catherine Middleton, as she was known back then, was often photographed by the media when the couple were dating.

Those photos have mostly been forgotten about these days. But we have dug a few out of the archive, as they are a fascinating insight into how Kate’s sense of style has evolved over the years.

Check out these pictures, you won’t believe the difference!


This was taken in 2005, before Kate’s graduation from the University of St. Andrews in eastern Scotland. St. Andrews was Scotland’s first university, founded way back in 1413, and that’s where Kate would meet her future husband, Prince William.


Here is another photo from the same year, when Kate attended the 2005 Festival of British Eventing, and wore a brown leather hat, teamed with a brown cardigan and boots. How often do you see Kate wearing jeans these days, like in the first two photos?


Kate and William met in 2001 at university, and officially started dating a year later. Here’s Kate pictured at her graduation in 2005, when she achieved a Master’s degree in Art History. Prince William himself graduated with a master of arts degree in Geography.


After she graduated with her MA in Art Histor, Kate entered the fashion industry soon after and her sense of style definitely began to flourish. Here she is at a wedding in 2005, looking more like we’re used to seeing her these days.


Media attention was starting to become greater and greater around Kate, and photographers were still able to catch her in informal settings. Here she is looking casual as she does a spot of Christmas shopping back in 2005.


She really began to make herself known as a style icon soon after, and particularly with this look, which she wore to the Cheltenham racecourse in 2006. Some commentators believe that this long coat, with her woollen gloves and fur hat is one of Kate’s most memorable looks.


After she graduated from university, Kate worked in the fashion industry as an accessories buyer for Jigsaw. She was regularly photographed on her way to the office while she worked there, and this is one of those photos from 2007. I think we’ve all felt the same on the way to work in the morning!


In 2006, Kate attended the wedding of Laura Parker Bowles and Harry Lopes with this elegant look. It was the first time she appeared at a family wedding with Prince William.


This photo from 2006 shows Kate’s fun and casual side, while she attended a Wimbledon party.


Here’s another photo from2006, taken when she attended a charity polo match. She was there to support Prince Harry and Prince William as they played in the charity tournament at Beaufort Polo Club in Tetbury, UK. White pants around all that grass is a pretty brave choice if you ask me!


Again in 2006, this picture shows Kate attending Prince William’s graduation from the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst in England.


Here is Kate with a very different look than the one we’re used to, wearing a summer dress and blazer and with a very different haircut to her present style! Yup, back in 2007 while she attended a store opening party, Kate had bangs!


Here’s Kate looking as if she is having a great time and wearing an amazing dress as she was seen leaving a nightclub in 2007.


Do you remember the period in 2007 when it looked like the relationship between Kate and William looked like it was on the rocks? The couple even broke up for a while in the spring of that year, and it really looked all over!


That year’s Cheltenham Festival was one of the most talked about public appearances that Kate ever made, for obvious reasons. But at the event she cut a very elegant figure, wearing Chanel sunglasses and a tweed skirt-and-jacket combo.


But by 2008 it was all back on! Here is Kate with William in the background. She looks happy and tanned!

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