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Unless you’re reading this in a palace or in the back of a horse drawn carriage right now, the British royal family is like a completely different world to yours and mine.

Those folks have centuries of tradition and protocol to wade through, I’m surprised Kate Middleton didn’t get a freakin’ users manual when she got married to Prince William.

Now, I’m not saying she’s made these mistakes. I’m not even saying that anyone would get mad if she did make these mistakes.

All I’m saying it this… there’s a bunch of seemingly random words that the British royal family get REAL fuddy duddy about.

You’d better not use these terms and phrases around them, if you like your head attached to your shoulders, okay? This stuff is probably considered treason!

1. Cheers

Woah there! If you’re a member of the royal freakin’ family, you do NOT say “cheers” when you raise their glass to toast someone! It’s a boring formal toast instead, all the way!

2. Dinner

What do you call your evening meal? Dinner? Tea? McDonalds? I guess most of us say ‘dinner’, but the royals refer to their evening meal as “supper”. Well lah-dee-dah!

3. Function

The royals do not attend functions, thank you very much but they do attend “parties”. Well that’s something that we have in common!


4. It was nice to see you

A member of the royal family bids farewell with a simple “goodbye”. I guess that’s one thing they don’t stand on ceremony with!

5. Lounge or Living Room

In the royal household, there is no such thing as a lounge or a living room. Instead they have a “drawing room” or a “sitting room”. I bet they have to have GPS co-ordinates in a palace that size!


6. Mom and Dad

The royal family don’t call their parents “mom and dad”, it’s the way more fancy sounding “mummy and daddy”. At least it’s not ‘mama and papa’ I guess!

7. Pardon

Apparently it’s frowned upon by the royals for a member of the family to use the word “pardon”. Why? Well, because it gives the impression that they’re trying a bit too hard. Sheesh, this is complicated. So instead, the royal family prefer to say “sorry”.

8. Patio

In the royal palace, a “patio” is more often considered a “terrace”. So if you ask a royal family member if they have a patio, they might look at you a bit confused. That’s probably fair, I didn’t think palaces had patios, did you?


9. Perfume

Apparently the word “perfume” is a little bit too French for those royals, who are British through and through… kinda. Well, either way they use the word “scent” instead, so get over it!

10. Portions

The royals seem to think that the proper way to term their food servings is by calling them “helpings”, and not to use the word “portions”. Jeez, helpings, portions, just give me the dang food already!

11. Posh

Although the term “posh” is one of the first words that springs to mind when you think of the prestige of Britain’s upper class elite, that’s not a word the royal family like to use. When royals use the word “posh,” they apparently only say it in a mocking way to people who use it to describe them. They rather prefer the word “smart” instead, so if you don’t want to be on the end of a royal in-joke, use that!

12. Refreshments

When a member of the royal family attends a function where food and drink will be served, they use the term… well, “food and drink” instead of the word “refreshments”. How refreshing… whoops!


13. Serviette

You would think that the word serviette would be the kind of word the royal family would use, but instead they prefer to use the word “napkin”. That’s kinda obvious though really, I mean who in the heck says ‘serviette’ these days?

14. Sweets

The royal family doesn’t have “dessert” or even the fancier sounding “sweet” at the end of a meal. Instead ask for “pudding”. It’s the exact opposite in the kitchen, so maybe they didn’t want to use the same phrases as the hired help? I’m just guessing here!

15. Tea

Although the royals do love drinking their tea, you will not hear them mistake “supper” for tea, no sir. That’s a completely separate afternoon meal, and something of a traditional English treat.

16. Toilet

The world “toilet” certainly doesn’t seem like a word any member of the royal family would use, and that’s actually true. Instead, they use the word “lavatory” or the shorter “loo”.

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