18 Hilarious Photos That Prove Public Transport Is The Worst

Taking public transport can be a nightmare. Some of us have no choice but to sit in crowded buses and trains every day while commuting to work and let me tell you, we have seen some sights! So take an aisle seat, try not to make direct eye contact with the person sitting across from you and settle in for these 18 weird public transport nightmares.

1. There’s dressing inappropriately and then there’s this

Is that… is that a tail? I think that’s a tail. I really wish that wasn’t a tail.

2. Even horrifying monsters gotta get to work

Slenderman really doesn’t appreciate all of the strange looks you’re giving him. He’s just trying to go about his daily life, you know!

3. How many seats can one person need?

This guy’s determined to find out exactly how many seats it’s possible to cover at once.

4. It’s not just a phase, Mom!

This person’s just wearing a gas mask because they’re sick of that one person who always farts on the train.

5. Nothing to see here

If you can’t see it, it’s not happening. Clearly.

6. Transport inside of transport inside of transport…

I kind of hope he’s got a bike in there… and a tiny unicycle attached to the bike… and a pair of roller blades strapped to that.

7. Anyone got the time?

At least she’ll never be late for her train!

8. Just hangin’ around!

You know, I actually kind of admire his creativity. He’s getting that extra sleep we all need in the morning!

9. Meal prep time!

They’re all looking at her like that because she’s chopping onions and they’re trying not to cry!

10. Wake me when we get to my stop

Do you think she was snoring really loudly? Because I know I do.

11. Some very questionable fashion choices

I think this guy literally got dressed in the dark this morning.

12. Jump out of the shower and straight onto the train!

She was so late for work she decided to skip most of getting ready and just head in straight from the shower. Because who hasn’t done that in their lifetime?

13. Get a room!

I love how nobody else in the carriage can look at them, the whole situation is seriously uncomfortable.

14. It’s a wrap!

Does anyone need any tape? Because this guy has all the tape you’ll ever need. He’s real popular around Christmas time.

15. It’s sandwich time!

He’s very serious about keeping to his sandwich schedule.

16. He’s a crafty one

Can’t say I agree with his fashion choices but at least he’s got some serious knitting skills!

17. I think those shoes might be too small

I can’t look away from these rogue toes… I think they’re looking at me too.

18. Let it all hang out

Well, he looks pretty comfortable I guess. And if he was trying to get people to stay far, far away from him then mission accomplished!

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen on public transport? Tell us all about it in the comments and share this with your family and friends! It’ll give you something to do while you’re waiting for the bus!

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