24 Designers That Just Gave Up On Their Job

We’ve all done it. Got to Friday, looked like our work and said to ourselves “eh, it’ll do!” Well these 24 designers did that too and you know what? They really probably shouldn’t have! Let’s take a look at these design disasters!

1. Someone really hates cyclists!

I hope all of my cyclist buddies out there are paying attention! Someone’s out to get you!

2. Friendly advertisement or murderous confession?

I know this is probably meant to be funny but it just comes across as something written by a serial killer.

3. We all know what’s going to happen here

The fact that whoever designed this doesn’t see the worst that could happen here is truly baffling.

4. Do you want to tell her or should I?

Maybe, you know, get a cellphone?

5. Surprisingly, these didn’t sell well.

I have no idea why, do you?

6. Don’t try to climb these stairs after a few wines!

This obstacle course is difficult enough whilst sober!

7. So, where’s the McDonalds?

If you’re gonna have an arrow on a sign, maybe you should make sure that it doesn’t freakin’ rotate!

8. This is NOT a story about a cannibal!

Maybe a picture of a pie eating contest wasn’t the best thing to put next to an article about murder?

9. The bathroom’s clean, I swear!

It’s just designed to look like somebody smeared poop all over it!

10. Something smells funny about this one…

Okay, who ate super spicy burritos for lunch?!

11. Wait, what year is it again?

Happy new year 20170! We’re gonna party like it’s 20169!

12. They really didn’t think this through, did they?

It’s like they’re taunting us with that plastic packaging!

13. These completely useless measurement guides

It would help if we could actually see the water, you know!

14. Who wears a tie like that?

Seriously, has anyone ever done that? Ever?

15. I think someone did this on purpose.

I mean, surely someone knew how people were going to read it?!

16. The most beautiful princess in all the land.

Well, she was after she had that nose job.

17. That’s some good parenting right there!

This is going to result in baby’s first trip to the emergency room.

18. Santa’s homeless!

The North Pole has officially disappeared and now Santa and the poor elves have nowhere to go. How sad!

19. Wait, what?

Here now we’re well bottom from the started cottage urban? Yeah, whatever you say.

20. What do you think of my new sign, guys?

Yeah, that’s… great. Just great.

21. Mother nature surprised this lady.

She just can’t work out why people keep asking if she needs some feminine hygiene products.

22. What a great place to leave a warning!

If there’s one thing that won’t distract someone from driving, it’s this!

23. Honey, do you think I might be pregnant?

Maybe sweetie, but only by a week at the most!

24. This makes me nervous just looking at it!

It’s like whoever made this just WANTED people to get injured! And what is that weird pointy object on the third step up? That’s asking to be stepped on!

What’s the weirdest design fail you’ve ever seen? Let us know all about it in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends!

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