What The Month Of Your Birth Reveals About Your Personality

People say all the time that your star sign says a lot about you, but have you ever thought that maybe even the month of your birth could do that too?

Maybe you think that star signs and astrology are all just a pile of bull. You might feel the same about this, about since it’s based on nothing but observations about how people behave, perhaps you’ll be more open to believing this?

So read on, and see if these descriptions match your friends and families!

Maybe you know a bunch of September babies who all tend to act the same. This could be the reason why!

Finally it has all been explained, so read on to find out!


January babies are close to their parents, but also demonstrate stubbornness in their daily lives and behavior. Sometimes, this causes them to be more removed from their siblings, compared to people who were born in the other eleven months.


Babies born this month are both creatively driven and generally happy. These qualities mean that February babies usually have a lot of friends and are very comfortable in their own skin.


People born in the third month might come across as shy wallflowers, but still waters run deep. March babies actually have a lot going on under the surface. But they tend to need to relax and get comfortable enough to share their inner feelings with the world. That said, once you’ve lost the trust of somebody born in the first month of Spring, it’s nearly impossible to get it back.


Maybe it’s dodging all those April showers from a young age, but people born in this month tend to be incredibly driven and in a hurry. Often, this will lead to them forgetting to “enjoy the journey” instead coming across as goal-obsessed. It’s just a ride April, enjoy!


May babies often have their heads in the clouds, and tend to wave goodbye to reality in order to pursue their dreams. So they’re definitely the idealistic types, who create big plans, but then they rely on others to actually follow them through practically.


People born when summer is just getting going tend to be sensitive, even fragile souls. They’re very polite, and try to keep in harmony with those around them at all times, so they’re generally the peacemakers within a group.


July babies tend to be happiest when they’re laughing, having fun and spending time with their friends. Well wouldn’t you be if you were born in the middle of summer when there’s no school! Although they’re an energetic, constantly moving force, these sons and daughters of the sun always remain fiercely loyal to their friends, despite the busy lifestyle that their carefree nature brings.


People born in August tend to be the jokers and comedians in a group of friends. So if you need a laugh or a smile, you know where to turn! Beyond their great sense of humor, August babies tend to command respect, and it’s for this reason that they excel as leaders.


Unlike the dreamers that are born in other months we have looked at, it’s all about the details for people born in September! They have the determination and focus it takes to get stuff done around here! That also means more often than not that somebody born in early Fall will be a perfectionist. So it takes a May baby to dream up an idea, but a September baby to actually execute it!


October babies tend to be the highest achievers, maybe because they’re amongst the oldest in their school grade, or maybe because they’re just natural brain boxes! People born in the month of Halloween just love to soak up information, so they tend to be intellectuals, and find being academic comes more naturally to them than people born in other months. They also tend to be more interested in family, so their time is often spent with those closest to them.


November babies are hard to get close to, so they can seem standoffish. While they’ll never turn down a good time, they tend to keep personal details confidential. There’s always a stream of thoughts running through their head, but they tend to keep it all to themselves. People born in November tend to clam up, and are not always so quick to share those ideas.


December kids are characterized by a need to be the center of attention. Maybe that’s because their birthday is so close to Christmas, so it’s always kinda forgotten by comparison? I’m just guessing here. This need to be the life and soul of the party can be mistaken for stubbornness, but when they’re getting that attention they crave, they tend to keep it all on them, due to their captivating personalities.

So did you see any truth in these, or were we not even close? Let us know with a COMMENT and don’t forget to SHARE with your friends and family so they can check it out for themselves!

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