16 Bizarre Technology Devices That Our Ancestors Used Back In The Day.

There’s no denying that technology has come a long way over the years. And I’m not just talking about the transition from your Samsung flip phone to the iPhone 7. Technology has actually been around for decades, and you won’t have realised how far things have come until you take a look back at the technology in the early 1900s. Here’s a list of 16 totally bizarre technology devices our ancestors would have had to use back in the day (you should count yourself lucky you’re alive in the 21st century).

1- Stamp lubricators.

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The stamp lubricator was brought about in the early 20th century and it made it much more convenient for people to send out letters for communication (you know, before the days of Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger).

2-Parenty’s Smoking Machine.

Credit: www.boredomtherapy.com

The Parenty’s smoking machine allowed Victorians to spray tobacco smoke around their homes. Apparently, they loved the smell of it so much that they treated it like perfume.

3- The ‘gas mask pram’. 

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During World War II there was a high risk of gas attacks. So parents began preparing themselves by taking their children out in gas mask prams.

4- ‘Baby cages’

Credit: www.boredomtherapy.com

In the early 20th century, parents expressed concern that their children weren’t getting the amount of sunlight and fresh air that they needed. So, to combat those concerns they began using ‘baby cages’, where they would place their babies in a cage hanging out of the window.  Because that isn’t concerning!

5- Multipack cigarette holders.

Credit: www.boredomtherapy.com

Back in the day, people loved smoking so much that they used multipack cigarette holders, which allowed them to smoke multiple cigarettes at a time.

6- The cyclomer.

Credit: www.boredomtherapy.com

If you like the idea of cycling on the water then you would have loved the cyclomer. Although its hollow wheels made it favorable off land, it wasn’t much use on land so it never gained much popularity.

7- The ‘Man from Mars Radio Hat’.

Credit: www.boredomtherapy.com

Now this was a genius invention. The ‘Man from Mars Radio Hat’ allowed people to quiet literally wear a radio on their heads.

8- The pedestrian life saver. 

Credit: www.boredomtherapy.com

Back in the 1930s, two inventors designed a device which intended to save the lives of pedestrians. The device consisted of a roller and shovel which would be attached to each vehicle. So if a pedestrian was ever hit, the driver would be able to quickly pull a lever allowing the pedestrian to literally be lifted up by the shovel.

9- Cone Masks.

Credit: www.boredomtherapy.com

Cone masks were designed to protect people from the weather, in particular, the snow. And in addition to looking totally ridiculous, they were pretty hazardous when worn in crowded places.

10- The bed piano.

Credit: www.boredomtherapy.com

The bed piano was designed to allow people that were bed ridden to play the piano. And with things like Netflix around nowadays, who are we to criticise.

11- The Ice Mask.

Credit: www.boredomtherapy.com

We’ve all been in the position where we’ve needed the ice mask at some point in our lives. Whether it’s after 2 minutes too long on the sunbed, or in an attempt to cure our hangover, the ice mask needs introducing to the 21st century.

12- The baby sling.

Credit: www.boredomtherapy.com

Nowadays, most parent’s prefer to use the traditional pram. But not parents in the 1900s. No, back then parents were happy to use the baby sling, just looking at it will put you on edge.

13- The Goofybike.

Credit: www.boredomtherapy.com

Some might say that this was a great family friendly invention, but most car drivers would agree that it’s probably for the best that such bicycles no longer exist.

14- The 1900s attempt at arm bands.

Credit: www.boredomtherapy.com

Back in the 1900s, people believed that attaching materials from old bike tires to their bodies would be a great solution to keeping them afloat.

15- The dimple maker.

Credit: www.boredomtherapy.com

Now everybody loves dimples. But back in the 1930s people loved them so much that somebody actually invented the dimple maker. Medical professionals were less than impressed with it though.

16- This anti-masturbation device.

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