25 Things No Woman Will Publicly Admit They've Done

Being a woman is hard work, but thankfully it comes with a few perks as well as a few disadvantages.

Unless you’re a woman, it’s hard to understand what it’s like.

It’s also hard to imagine the weird and downright gross things all women do but will never admit to.

Here is a short list of just a few of those things…

1. Do you remember the last time you washed the bra you’re wearing right now?

No? Don’t worry, I don’t either!

2. According to the instructions on the box, you’re supposed to change your tampon every four to six hours…

But in all honesty, most of us have left it in for way longer than that before.

3. There have been times in the past when you’ve had to use toilet paper instead of a tampon or pad.

It was an emergency, we were desperate! 

4. When it’s cold outside, we stop shaving.

Unless you need to wear a skirt or dress, but even then, we only shave the parts that will be seen.

5. You’ve peed in the shower. But who hasn’t?

It can’t be helped sometimes!

6. And yes, we have all picked our noses.

We’ve also nibbled on a few buggers from time to time.

7. We remove the dirt under our nails with our own nails.

How else would we have done it?

8. There is nothing more disgusting than sneezing when it’s your time of the month.

No horror movie can match that level of blood.

9. You go days, and sometimes weeks, without washing your hair.

Thank goodness for dry shampoo and hats.

10. This includes after you’ve gone to the gym, or even a long walk.

You soon get pretty sticky and sweaty.

11. Speaking of the gym…

The same sweaty and dirty clothes we wore the day before is perfectly fine for going to they gym!

12. Peeling off skin after a bad sunburn is the best!

13. Be honest, do you even remember the last time you washed your makeup brushes?

It’s probably been a while. 

14. Instead of using nail polish remover you usually end up picking it off with your teeth.

That explains why our nails are ruined!

15. Nothing is more satisfying than removing your blackheads with a strip.

I could stare at that strip for hours!

16. The rumors you heard are true: We all smell our clothes and before deciding if it’s worth washing them or wearing them again.

You can always wear them one more time.

17. You’ve spent hours picking off bits of mascara from your eyelashes with your fingers.

This is so satisfying…

18. You’ve gone fishing for bits of food your bra.

Waste not want not!

19. Time to get real.

Removing a strand of hair that got in between your bum is oddly satisfying…

20. We play with those little mustache and beard hairs.

21. Nothing is as satisfying as popping a zit.

It’s so wrong, but so right!

22. Except For One

Except for the smell of your own farts or your armpits. 

23. More

Sometimes we have to drench our armpits in deodorant.

24. Hair Art

We’ve all played with the hair that’s fallen out while in the shower.

25. Nothing Better

Nothing’s better than taking off your bra after a long day at work!

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