Prince Harry's Hand Gestures When He Met Melania Trump Has Sparked a Huge Conspiracy Theory

Prince Harry and Melania Trump are quite literally a world apart, not only in physical distance but also upbringing, background, and political views. But they united recently to open the Invictus Games.

The Invictus Games is a sporting event, founded by Prince Harry, which helps those wounded, sick or injured from military combat. But it is not the event that has people talking.

They met on Saturday to discuss the Invictus Games, but it was Prince Harry’s hand gestures that stole the show and later sparked an outburst of conspiracy theories online.

As ridiculous as it may seem, the two-pronged hand movement holding his suit has prompted suggestions that it represents the horns of the devil and therefore we sides with him. (no honestly, this is what people are saying online).

It was a 20-minute meeting, but it was the first minute of the meeting that has captured the attention of thousands. In this first minute, he was exposing only his index and little finger – some sort of symbolic mark of the devil (well, according to twitter).

The reason people are kicking up such a fuss is that of the length the pose is held for. It lasts for longer than 10 seconds, suggesting it is not a mistake or coincidence and actually he means for the gesture to be recognised.

Because he kept his hand in the same position whilst pictures were taken, this has just reinforced the absurd theory.

Other people have likened the hand gesture to that of Gene Simmons, the lead singer of the infamous rock band Kiss. Gene would make this sign at gigs and openly admitted his affinity with the dark side (devil). Others have been calling Prince Harry the anti-christ (haha), it is all truly madness.

One, relatively accurate thing we can take away from their meeting is body language experts have said it was quite clear that both Melania and Prince Harry were nervous on the meeting. Tense and awkward, which is not surprising.



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