13 Of Michael Jackson's Weirdest And Most Expensive Possessions

When Michael Jackson died in 2009 at the tragically young age of 50, the world lost a unique musical icon who will never be replaced.

But the public also finally got a fascinating look into the life of a strange and elusive star, who has confused the world for decades with his eccentric behavior.

We had seen glimpses into his world before, especially when his home was raided after his arrest in 2003, but after his death and the auctioning of many of this possessions, we got a sense of what he was really like behind closed doors.

Here is some of the most outlandish and expensive stuff that MJ owned, some of which was unique.

Michael Jackson owned some weird and creepy stuff, and we’re about to take a look at some of the things that were found in the Neverland Ranch.

1. The gloves Johnny Depp wore in the movie Edward Scissorhands

It’s estimated that this impressive looking movie prop has a value of around $3,600-$5,300, and were put on auction after Michael’s death in 2009.

2. Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

There was a rumor in the media that MJ used to spend every night in this oxygen chamber to slow the ageing process. But bespite being photographed in lying down in there, Michael dismissed claims that he slept in the bed. He actually ended up donating the therapeutic chamber to a medical center in California, where it could be used in it’s proper function of aiding burn victims.

3. Three plaster cast masks of Michael’s face in strange poses

Where these used for a project like a music video? Or did Michael just want these incredibly eerie masks for his own reasons? Either way, they each have an approximate worth of $415-$600.

4. A throne

A life sized throne was one of many pieces found in Michael’s Neverland ranch in California which was auctioned following his death. Th throne isn’t actually made out of real gold, but it still has a value of around $1,200-$1,800.

5. Bubbles the Chimp

Yup, one of the most famous celebrity pets of all time, Bubbles the Chimp slept in a crib in Michael’s bedroom, was fed at the dining table and wore a diaper. MJ bought him from a Texas animal research facility in 1983, and the chimpanzee went on to tour the world with Michael as his companion. Bubbles’ exhibition Apes That Paint, showcased his artistic side in Miami with each of his five paintings selling for $750 each. The cash was then donated to an ape sanctuary in Bubbles’ name.


6. A Batsuit

During his lifetime, MJ was a massive Batman fan, and even had this replica Batsuit made for the movie versions. Michael later said he would have been keen to compose music for the 1989 movie, but concert commitments prevented him from doing so. Can you imagine how that would have sounded? In a 2009 auction, Michael’s Batsuit went on to be valued at $800-$1,200.

7. A robotic Michael Jackson head

This robot of Jackson’s likeness was custom made, with it’s value estimated to be between $1,800-$2,400. MJ certainly had a thing about transformation, right?

8. A signed photo of Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin

This slightly unnerving, larger than life sized photograph of child star and friend of MJ Macaulay Culkin was found amongst Michael’s possessions after his arrest in 2003. Culkin is the godfather of Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris, and the two even share matching tattoos.

9. A finger painting done by Macaulay Culkin

Cute, right? Well look at the signature and date in the bottom right hand corner. Culkin painted this in 1991, which would have made him about 11 years old at the time. Isn’t 11 kinda old for a child to be doing something you’d usually expect a kindergartener to be painting? Strange indeed.

10. Child mannequins posed in odd positions

Mannequin children were found at the Neverland Ranch, all of which were life sized and fully poseable. Several were even posed strangely around the place, with three of them found positioned at desks, appearing as if they were have a conversation with each other.

11. The neck choker from Michael’s Jackson 5 era

Famous for wearing this in a 1971 performance, Michael was 13 years old when this tassled choker became a part of his wardrobe. He held on to this piece of nostalgia in his personal collection until his death.

12. A life sized child statue holding a teddy bear

This creepy statue of a tattered little boy was joined by many other life sized children’s figurines on the Neverland Ranch.

13. Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker video game

After the film Moonwalker was released in theaters in 1988, MJ got his very own video game of the same name shortly after. The player controls Michael on a mission to rescue kids from a villain called Mr. Big. Different versions of the game included Michael either taking on the form of an invincible cyborg, or morphing into a spaceship. We told you he had a thing for transformation.

So what did you think of Michael Jackson’s most expensive loot. Was it weird in a good way, like he was an eccentric individual expressing himself? Or weird in a bad way, like something darker was going on there?

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