16 Design Fails That Are Too Stupid For This World

Designing products for the general public must be a really tricky job. Making sure it looks good and, most importantly, it does what it needs to do is no simple task! There are some people that are amazing at this line of work and there are some that… well. Let’s just take a look for ourselves, shall we?

1. Is my underwear stuck up my butt?

Nope, not your underwear, just the entire bottom half of your dress. Can’t say that’s a look I’d wanna be seen wearing!

2. The foot bone’s connected to the… oh never mind!

I hope this person isn’t a dancer, because they’re gonna have to deal with having two left feet! (Okay, I know they’re both right feet, but let me have my joke!)

3. They’re what now?

I really don’t want worms anywhere near there, thanks!

4. No wonder these are in clearance!

Sorry, you left me a post-it but I have no idea what it says because THE PAPER WAS BLACK. Whose stupid idea was this?

5. I hope they’ve got good aim!

I wonder how much this person spends on new window panes every year?

6. Thanks dictionary, that’s real helpful.

Dictionary – Relating to complete uselessness.

7. You’ll always what in my heart?

Eat pizza? Dance a tango? Fly an aeroplane? I hope there’s a lot of room in this heart!

8. In the name of the Father, the Son and Allison.

I must have missed Allison’s chapter in Bible class! She’s gotta be real important to be the only name above Jesus!

9. Stairway to heaven? Nope, try the stairway certain death.

I hope whoever lives here isn’t as clumsy as I am or they’re gonna be spending a lot of time in hospital.

10. At least that last staircase goes somewhere!

Just when I start to think I’m going nowhere in life, these stairs appear and confirm my suspicions!

11. Soap, mm-mmm, yummy!

I don’t know, maybe this soap is for people who are constantly cussing in front of their Mom. Wash my mouth out with soap now, Mama, it means nothing to me!

12. You’re keeping WHAT in that case?

The spelling mistake is bad enough but that’s not even a pencil!

13. Whose bright idea was this?

Suddenly, I don’t want any water, thanks! I’ll stay dehydrated and electric shock free!

14. Which way are we going?

Whoever made this must have missed the day in school when we learned to Never Eat Silly Worms! I’d ask them what happened, but rumour is that they’re hopelessly lost.

15. It’s time to be very, very careful.

If he looks into this mirror at the wrong angle the whole bathroom will end up looking like a scene from Sweeney Todd.

16. You know where would be a great place for a drain?

The only place in the street that never sees any water! Genius!

How are you feeling right now? Pretty glad that you didn’t design any of those awful products? Me too! What’s the stupidest design idea you’ve ever seen? Tell us all about it in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family!

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