24 Features On Everyday Products You Didn't Know The Use For Until Now

Ever feel like you’ve been using something wrong your whole life?

I’m not talking about wearing pants as arm warmers or eating your dessert first here or anything!

But has somebody ever shown you a way easier method of using an every day gadget that was there all along?

The thing has been staring you in the face your whole life, but you just never put two and two together and used it in the way it was intended!

Well we’re about to show you a whole bunch of those things, so get ready to have your mind BLOWN!

It’s almost like most things have been designed by clever people to make your life a heck of a lot easier! Who would’ve thought it?

1. What’s with the weird metal thing on the bottom of your stapler?

And why does it twist around like this?

Well, other than stapling things together in the way that most of us are used to, staplers can also punch staples so that their prongs point outwards, not inwards! Why? Apparently for documents that need to be temporarily attached, because this way is easier to pull apart. I guess it’s for somebody who’s never heard of paper clips.

2. What are these holes in the side of certain brands of shoes for?

To let the rain in, because the makers hate you. Just freakin’ kidding! Most folks think they’re for ventilation, but an added use is that you can lace up your trainers through these holes.

Like this! See?

3. How come every single keyboard seems to have a raised bump on the letters F and J?

Well they’re called ‘orientation keys’, and they’re for those clever folks who have learned how to touch type. See, your index fingers are meant to rest on the F and J keys when they’re not typing, like home base!

4. Everybody has one of these in their kitchen, right?

Most people don’t even know what they’re called! Pasta thingy, I guess! Well it’s really called a spaghetti ladle, and the hole in the middle is not only to drain water, but is also the perfect size to measure out a single serving on uncooked spaghetti! Yum!

5. Why are bobby pins so bobbly anyway?

The wavy part is meant to be the underside, which faces down towards your scalp, and will grip onto your hair better.

6. What the heck are these weird little blocks of color on products that come in tubes?

Well, these are called ‘eye marks’. When your toothpaste or whatever is on the production line, optical sensors to will scan the eye mark, which tells the machine where a tube needs to be cut, folded, or pressed. The color doesn’t actually matter, it just needs to stand out from the light background for the sensor to see it.

7. Ever wondered what this little symbol on your makeup means?

It’s actually incredibly useful! You’ll often find this symbol with 6M, 12M or sometimes 24M. That’s actually the shelf life of the product in months! So if something has 24M on the underside, you have 2 years from opening it to use it all up. If the product goes beyond that date, you should really throw it out and buy a new one!

8. What’s with the hole near the top of a lollipop stick?

It’s to help a kid breathe if they were to accidentally swallow the stick, right? Well, that’s certainly part of it, but the actual reason is to do with making the lollipop. If the stick was totally smooth, the candy would fall right off, so this little hole is filled with sugar paste before the lollipop goes on to stop this from happening.

9. What’s the point of the weird dotted edge to your windshield?

That, my friends, is called the ‘frit’! It’s something rougher than glass for the glue that holds your windshield in place to stick on to. But it’s also there to protect that glue from the sun, which would weaken it over time. The dotted design? That’s just cosmetic, so you don’t have an ugly thick line all around the glass!

10. Why are the tops of these tubes the way that they are?

You’ll never have to struggle with opening one of these again if you just take off the cap, flip it upside down and pierce the foil seal with the sharp point inside there. That’s what they’re designed for!

11. Why do all jeans have a tiny useless pocket peeking out from the main pocket?

Back in the day, that was to store a pocket watch! These days it’s pretty much cosmetic.

12. So what’s with the studs there, are they cosmetic too?

Nope! They provide additional structure to the weakest points of your pants! They would wear and tear much more without them.

13. The hole in a pen cap, that’s to stop it drying out, right?

Actually, unlike the lollipop stick, that really is to make sure your airway is unblocked if you were to accidentally swallow the cap!

14. My rucksack has this weird design feature on it, what is that?

The name for that thing is a lash tab, and it’s there to attach stuff to your bag! Most people tend not to use it day to day, and it was originally meant to carry tools like axes. But if you were a hiker for example, you could lash your sleeping bag back there.

15. Why are the caps of bottles the way that they are?

The little plastic disc on the underside of the lid is a seal to stop the bottle leaking. Without this, the bottle would slowly drain no matter how tightly the cap was screwed on, and all the gas would also escape.

16. How come most pans have a hole in the handle?

It’s for hanging them up, but another ingenious use is to keep cooking utensils like spoons in there while they’re in use!

17. But what’s with the hole in a ruler?

Now THAT’S for hanging it up!

18. How come Heinz products have ’57’ on them?

Originally, it was because Heinz made 57 different products. Now it’s way, way more, hundreds if not thousands. But the placement is also important. They claim that rather than bashing the bottom of your ketchup bottle, if you tap the etched glass ’57’, your sauce will come flowing!

19. Ever wondered why takeout drinks containers have lids like they do?

They’re meant to double up as coasters! So now you know!

20. The gas gauge in my car has a little arrow, why is that?

It’s to remind you of something it’s really easy to forget. Which side your petrol tank is located, so which pump you should pull up to at the gas station!

21. The heck is with these kooky lines in a tire?

These are tread wear indicators, which tell you how worn out a tire is depending on how close they are to the surface!

22. Utility knives like this can seem dangerous

But that back part is actually to help you snap off dull blades so that you can get to the next one. Some are even designed so that the back part pops off to allow you to do this, so it’s all done with safety in mind!

23. I bought myself a fancy new jacket and it came with one of these…

Just a spare button sewed to a piece of fabric so it doesn’t go missing, right? Actually, the swatch of textile is meant to be so you can test detergent on a piece of fabric without ruining your nice new clothes!

24. Did you know you can fit a wrench over a screwdriver, for those tough to move screws?

Yep, they’re both shaped the same for a reason!

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