26 Design Fails So Bad They'll Make You Laugh Out Loud!

Some folks really need to be sent back to school, and everything they’ve ever done be sent back to the drawing board.

What’s scarier is that these people really don’t seem to see anything wrong with the major boo-boos they’re making, and it takes somebody with more than a handful of brain cells bouncing around their noggin to tell them!

So here’s a bunch of things that an idiot did, and walked away brushing the dust off their hands thinking they’d done a bang up job.

It’s the rest of us who have to put up with this cr*p! And let me tell you, it doesn’t get any easier!

1. Is this a design fail, or an epic design win?

I think that’s pretty smart thinking! Even smarter would just be to move the clock, but hey!

2. This place thinks using a wheelchair is an extreme sport

Rock climbing on the way up, stunt driving on the way down!

3. I hope you’re not TOO disabled!

I mean seriously come on, am I the only one who sees something wrong here?

4. Go home window, you’re drunk!

It must be hard to get a good night’s sleep in that room without rolling downhill out of bed!

5. Hope the people driving those two cars don’t have anywhere important to be!

Because unless the person using that parking space in front drives a flying saucer, they are way out of luck!

6. Yep, that’s definitely not a big glass door straight ahead

Maybe somebody tried to order an extra sink and got it a little bit wrong.

7. You’ve got to be pretty handy with a sledgehammer to get out of this building in an emergency

Come on folks, it’s only a blazing inferno! You’ve got to WANT it!

8. Is it just me or do these apartment blocks look like something else from the air?

I can’t quite put my finger on it…

9. Either this roof has grown itself an afro or somebody has messed up

Honestly, I don’t even know how this happened.

10. Well it’s nice to know that they put in a hand rail especially for Smurfs

Maybe it’s for sliding down like a skateboard when you’re in a hurry?

11. Anyone else think this bridge casts a pretty unfortunate shadow?

They look like rocket ships grandma, that’s exactly right.

12. I don’t know what the big deal is here

I mean, ski jumpers have to take the subway too, right? Why not practice on the way down there!

13. It’s like somebody clicked the wrong thing while they were playing The Sims…

Some people have more money than sense. I mean, this person has built themselves a freakin’ helcopter garage! Sheesh!

14. I was wondering were the escalator led… then it hit me.

Okay, so now what?!

15. This is like one of those paintings by MC Escher

Only it was made by a real life idiot.

16. I don’t know where this is, but I hope Spider-Man lives there

Nobody else is getting through there without a mishap!

17. Why did we build that escalator to nowhere?

Anybody riding this thing without paying attention is in for a nasty surprise!

18. It sucks when you pay for a seat at the ball game…

And you don’t even get that. I guess if your team loses it won’t make you too sad, because you won’t be able to freakin’ see it.

19. Some people don’t even give half a cr*p about their job

How did this even happen!? I’m so confused!

20. Something tells me this building is not up to code

It’s just a hunch I get. Call it intuition, if you will.

21. What came first, the chicken or the egg?

And what is messing up what, the ceiling fan or the projector?

22. They’re REALLY saving this space, how considerate!

There’s no way that this parking space could be taken by anybody!

23. How angry would you be if you came home one night and the city council had done this?

I would call them right up and marvel at the great telephone reception I was getting while I yelled and screamed! My complaint would be crystal clear!

24. The balcony is $1000, a way to get out there is extra

I’ll just pay the $1000, thanks!

25. This is the perfect playground to send your kids to if you don’t freakin’ like them

Safe? Sure it’s safe! I never heard any complaints from kids down that bottomless pit!

26. Who’s bathroom is this? Inspector freakin’ Gadget?

Wow some people are so dumb they should be kept in a lab and studied!

Did these design flaws make you laugh out loud? Tell us your favorite with a COMMENT and don’t forget to SHARE the laughs with your friends and family!

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