Here Are 17 Reasons Why Hooking Up With An Ex Is A Bad Idea

Love is complicated and messy and weird and as wonderful as it is, it can also be the cause of HUGE mistakes. For a lot of us, one of those huge mistakes involves a night of crazy, passionate fun with the ex you threw out a month ago. It’s not a good idea, in fact, it’s a very, very bad idea but we do it anyway because… well, we don’t know exactly why but it still happens! That’s why we’re trying to think of all of the worst things about hooking up with your ex, so you can remember it the next time he makes a booty call!

1. It’s so, so awkward.

Okay, we both know this is weird, could you please leave before it gets any weirder?

2. You’re never on the same page

You’re either going to be the one feeling brokenhearted when they don’t want to get back together, or the one feeling terrible because they’re still in love with you. There’s no winning here.

3. You have to get over them all over again

Why oh why do I have to go through this again? I’d only just gotten over them the first time!

4. They’re your ex for a reason!

And all of a sudden they’re in bed with you and you remember every single reason you didn’t want them there in the first place.

5. You have to feed them

Yes, I know how you like your eggs in the morning. No, I don’t want to make them for you.

6. It’s the same as ever.

Whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, there’s been no change and you kind of wish there was!

7. You remember it all

Remember when he cheated on you with that girl from work? Yeah, you do now!

8. He’s already got another girl lined up

The fact that the girl he’s going after is your best friend just goes to show what a scumbag he was in the first place.

9. There’s too many questions

You can’t just enjoy it when you’re trying to figure out all of the reasons that could have possibly lead you here in the first place!

10. The fights are back and they’re BAD!

You thought you’d never have to have that argument about the toilet seat again, how wrong you were.

11. He’ll brag about it

You know that within half of an hour of him leaving all of his friends will know about it and it will not be very flattering for you!

12. There’s no love anymore

Don’t get me wrong, sex is great, but it’s so much better when there’s love too!

13. You’re a hook-up, not the girlfriend

He no longer has to pay the girlfriend tax and boy will he let you know it!

14. Nothing has changed

The rose tinted glasses are off now and things aren’t looking good!

15. They’re just no good!

Somehow, you’d feel less bad about this if you’d actually enjoyed it.

16. So. Many. Feelings.

You thought all of those feelings were dead and buried but nope, here they are, back to haunt you like the feelings of relationships past!

17. It’s addictive!

Now you’ve started this you don’t want to stop it, I mean, you DO want to stop it but not enough to actually stop. Sigh.

Have you ever hooked up with an ex? How did you feel afterwards? Let us know in the comments and share this article with your family and friends!

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