Kate Middleton's Secret Second Wedding Dress Is Revealed And It Looks Stunning!

We all remember what Kate Middleton’s wedding dress looked like when she married Prince William.

The wedding was probably one of the biggest and most famous TV events of the century so far, with people in the UK even being given the day off work to celebrate the royal wedding!

Apparently most of the world stopped on April 29, 2011 when William and Kate got married! The wedding was broadcast live around the world and it was watched by an incredible 36 million people from all corners of the globe.

It was the Duchess of Cambridge’s lace, long sleeved gown that many people find the most memorable part, especially as it was kept a total secret until the day, when Kate stepped out of the car!

Sure Kate’s famously stunning lace v-neck Alexander McQueen wedding dress really stole the show that day. It was one of the main talking points for weeks afterwards, but did you know that she had a top secret second dress to wear that day?


I know, I never knew that happened either!

It wasn’t that she couldn’t make a decision between the two, or she was worried that one wouldn’t work on the day. It was simply down to a choice that many brides make on their wedding day!

After the ceremony, after they have worn an elaborate dress and gotten hot and tired, many brides choose to change into a lighter and less formal dress for the party in the evening.

That was exactly what Kate did too, changing out of her famous wedding dress for a much simpler satin number.

After the ceremony, she ditched that elaborate gown and changed into a romantic and elegant second dress for the party, which was designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen

It featured a simple and unique design, which wasn’t really shown in front of the cameras, as we were concentrating on the main event that day!

But her second ‘secret’ dress drew lots of attention from party guests, thanks to its flattering sweetheart neckline and gorgeous train.

Kate made a quick change, and wore the elegant gown for an evening celebration at Buckingham Palace.

Apparently after she let her hair down for the evening, the dress’ special look was continued with the addition of a furry stole and an eye-catching diamond belt around the bride’s waist.



It all happened after years of planning, probably beginning when William and Kate were dating, having met when they were both students at St Andrews in 2003.

Seven years later the engagement came in October 2010, and it was just a few short months later that the wedding amazed the world and captivated a nation.

Now Kate is pregnant with the couple’s third child, a brother or sister for Princess Charlotte and eldest child Prince George, who started school for the first time in Battersea, London this September!

Are you a massive fan of the royal family? If you are, maybe you already knew about Kate’s mysterious second dress! Or perhaps it’s totally new information to you. Either way, she looked stunning!

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