10 Signs You Don’t Trust Your Partner

Relationships are tough folks, real tough. You should get paid for being in those things!

I mean, all those years of not killing the most important but annoying person in your life? Sometimes the back of that pan looks so tempting I just want to pick that thing up by the handle and start swinging.

But no. You’ve got to remain calm, and a reasonable person. After all, you’re on the same team!

Now not all relationships are smooth sailing, and the trust that the two of you share can often be broken in an instant.

Don’t forget that it can be ruined, but it can also be rebuilt again! Nothing is ever a lost cause!

Well… almost never. It takes something really especially bad to happen but sometimes that trust is just too broken for the relationship to keep on working.

1. You ask them to prove things to you

Being in a trusting relationship is great but it’s not easy for everyone, especially people who have trust issues.

Maybe you even think you trust your partner totally! But there are some red flags that symbolise you really don’t, and asking them to prove things is definitely one of them.

Check yourself if you find that you’re asking for proof of where they were and who they were with. Also, if you message your partner asking them to take a selfie to prove where they are… that’s not okay.

2. You constantly check their social media

If it’s 2am and your faithful partner is sleeping soundly next to you, but you’re on your phone trying to scour Facebook for every photo he’s commented on… you might need to work on your trust in them.

3. You ask for their password for things

There’s really no need to ask for you partner’s password to anything, except for Netflix.

Put yourself in their shoes! If they started demanding to have access to your social media or to your emails, you’d probably freak out just a little.

That’s exactly how they’re feeling right now.

4. You feel intimidated by every attractive person you see

Or more to the point, every attractive person you think they’re looking at rather than you.

You have to admit that it’s hard for people with trust issues. No matter how hard you try, you find yourself mistrusting that person you’re supposed to love. Maybe you don’t even realise you don’t fully trust your partner? You’re so used to feeling vulnerable that it doesn’t even cross your mind.

It’s the same with this. If you’re so preoccupied with thinking that your partner is looking at other people you don’t even notice whether they actually are or not, you might have issues there.

5. You ask their friends to confirm their whereabouts

As if their word isn’t good enough for you, you’ll even track down their friends to make sure they were telling the truth about where they were last night.

So, let me get this straight, you don’t believe the person you’re supposed to love is going where they say they’re going… but you do trust their friends to tell the truth?


6. You accuse them of things before you know the truth

Inventing scenarios in your mind is one of the worst things you could possibly do in a relationship, especially if it revolves around things you have no idea are happening or not.

So if you think you’re some legendary detective who has worked out that in the 5 unaccounted minutes in your partner’s day, they managed to sneak off and be unfaithful on you. Leaving only a thin trail of clues for you to follow. In the form of Instagram likes or the way they replied to a text.

If you think all that, and you’re right, then sheesh. Maybe you are the world’s greatest detective.

Otherwise, why don’t you talk to your partner about your worries?

7. You get jealous really easily

And I mean REALLY easily. Like, you flip out because they think a movie star is good looking kinda easily.

If someone gets jealous easily, how will the relationship last? You have to completely trust your partner for your relationship to work.

A relationship is built on trust, and if you’re trying to make something out of nothing, then how far is this relationship really gonna go?

8. You clock watch when they’re out

Not in a good way, either. Not in a ‘counting the minutes until you see them next’ kinda way.

More in a creepy stalkerish sitting there with all the lights off watching the seconds hand tick around the clock imagining all the affairs your partner is having kinda way.

Time apart can be just as good as time together. Do you really think your partner does this when you’re out?

9. You’re always looking for comfort from your friends

Do you often confide in your friends about your relationship problems?

Why do you think you do that? Because they’re your friends and you value their opinion?

Or because you’re looking for validation from people who will always tell you what you want to hear in order to calm your own worries.

It’s always good to talk about your feelings and issues, but it’s probably your partner you should be telling your relationship problems to.

10. Things don’t feel right in the relationship

You don’t want insecurities in a relationship.

Everyone has their little neuroses but you can’t allow them to take over. If insecurities are the founding principal of your relationship, you might want to re-examine your reasons for going into it.

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