10 Struggles Only Moms Will Understand

Most of us know that being a mom is one of the hardest jobs in the world.

Being a mom is a full time job that some moms have to juggle with another full time. The only difference is that the full time job you put more hours into (being a mom) doesn’t pay as well… Unless you count adorable smiles and hugs as payment, then it’s the best paying job in the world.

When you’re a mom, you work around the clock, trying to make sure that your kid is happy, healthy, and most importantly, alive.

It’s a tough job but someone has to do it, right?

Moms don’t get enough credit for all the things they do to look after their family, it’s sad but true. Moms look after us every day of the year, surely they deserve more than one day to celebrate them? I certainly think so!

Here are some of the struggles of being a mom.

You Don’t Get Enough Credit

Being a mom is a full-time job regardless if you have a paying full time job.

Even though being a mom doesn’t pay, it’s still the priority.

Your Bag Has More Than One Function

Before becoming a mom our purses are bought because they’re funky, stylish, and adorable.

But when we become moms our bags suddenly become practical, they’re have multiple purposes. Our purses transform from bags to portable baby kids, to snack storage, and even a miniature wardrobe for any accidents.

You Have The Magic Touch

Forget wizards and witch doctors, no one can solve a problem or cure a boo boo quite like you!

Super Sonic Hearing

You can hear a pin drop from a mile away. It’s like moms are part German Shepherd and part superhero. Moms see everything and hear everything. Becoming a mom will transform you into a superhero.

Sleep deprivation Is Normal

Of course, magnified senses can make sleeping quite difficult. How can you possibly catch a little shut eye when your ears and eyes are on permanent high alert?

Comfort Over Fashion

When your a mom on the go, you understand that looks aren’t everything, and sometimes you just need to wear something comfy. Whether it’s pjs or yoga pants, as long as your comfy, your happy!

Moments Alone Feel Like Being On Vacation

Shopping trips on your own is like heaven. You have no kids to pester you every five minutes, no urgent deadlines. It’s just you, on your own for a little while, and it feels perfect.

Can you really tell the difference from being in Walmart and a beach?

You’ll Do Anything For Your Children

Moms will always be ready to protect your child, no matter what.

Whether it’s staying up to help them with their school projects, going to every sports game, or just dedicating that time before bed to telling them a story, you’ll always be there for them.

After all, they’ll always be your little baby!

Time With Your Children Is Always Special

Spending quality time with your children is always a blast because it’s just you and then.

You know when they’re old and grey, they’ll look back on those special moments and smile.

Everything you do with your child is a memory for you both to cherish, because while they may be your baby, they won’t stay baby sized for very long!

Sleepovers Are Heaven

Whenever your child is sleeping over at a friend’s house, you feel free! If only for a few hours. But, it feels great.

You can do whatever you want without worrying about your kid seeing.

You can finally have that girls night you’ve always wanted.

But you probably won’t because you’ll be missing the kid a little too much.

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