13 Average Photos Made Incredible By Genius Photoshoppers

Whether you know it or not, most pictures that you see on websites or in magazines these days has been changed in Photoshop.

Maybe it’s giving a model whiter teeth. Perhaps it’s changing the setting. Or even just removing something from the photo entirely, anything is possible to a Photoshop pro!

We even do it ourselves with the selfies we post online, applying filters until we barely look like ourselves any more!

Well, not all Photoshopping is to cover something up, or to make somebody someone they’re not.

Lots of it is really amazing artistic work, that makes ordinary stuff look like it’s come right out of a world of fantasy.

Don’t believe us? Check out some of this amazing work by airbrushing masters!

1. This thoughtful pose is transformed by a Photoshop wizard

You think this peaceful, elegant pose by a nicely lit window looks good before? Just wait till you see it after this person has waved their digital wand over it.

That’s incredible! The scene has changed so much you would barely know it’s the same picture, and I definitely couldn’t tell it was a Photoshop unless you told me so!

2. What could be more lovely than this moment captured between siblings?

Well, with a little Photoshop magic, it can be made that little bit more amazing!

Now those autumn leaves are falling all around, an already beautiful photo looks like something straight out of a Disney movie!

3. This is definitely pretty weird looking already

But a little Photoshopping will get this picture looking like something straight out of a science fiction movie!

A simple photo of a man in a bath of water has been transformed into a sleeping giant waking beneath the waves!

4. Whatever a professional photographer gets you to do, just trust them and go along with it!

The scene for this photoshoot couldn’t very well be much more unlikely if it tried, but results are what matter!

With a little photoshopping, this model looks like she’s been photographed in the middle of a flower-filled meadow. Not at the side of a road in a ditch!

5. When a picture is taken in a studio against a plain background, a professional Photoshop artist can do so much!

The only limit is their imagination!

And this photoshopper imagined the model as a futuristic cyborg. It’s an amazing effect, and it really looks like an incredible piece of art now!

6. It just goes to show these days you don’t have to spend thousands on detailed sets to create something striking looking

I guess these folks saw the strange looking hole in this wall and just let their imaginations run wild!

Now this is kinda creepy and scary looking! Like he’s been down there for hundreds of years!

7. Sometimes there’s no photoshopping needed to make a picture beautiful

It seems like every single photo we see these days is retouched, altered and filtered.

Even the pros know we don’t need to do that every time!

8. I’m not sure what’s going on here

All I know is this altered photo is definitely not what this person expected.

What can I say, it’s a hard job but somebody has to do it!

9. It’s possible to do pretty much anything with Photoshop these days

It can even tell you what people look like underneath their beard!

You might not be able to handle the truth though! Just kidding, and so is the Photoshop troll who made this baby-faced couple.

10. When you ask for help from a Photoshop guru, remember that some of them have a pretty sharp sense of humor

And also remember to check your spelling!

Aww, now that’s ‘acute’ angel tattoo she has there!

11. You have to be specific in the things that you ask a Photoshop pro to do

Changing people’s bodies isn’t something to be taken lightly!

Anyone who is skilled with Photoshop knows that, and they’ll do anything to get others to understand!

12. Your friendly neighborhood photoshopster is always on hand to help

Just not in the way that you hoped they would sometimes.

Now I can’t imagine her any other way, she needs a stick-on version of that!

13. There’s something wrong with this photo

Who gets their picture taken on the beach from such a long distance away?

The Photoshop troll showed this joker what it’s like to be in America for a day… or forever!

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