15 Parts Of The Human Body That Will Soon Disappear In The Future

The human body is a pretty wonder, but also a pretty weird thing.

I mean just take a look at yourself in the mirror!

It’s pretty amazing how our brain has the capability of controlling us and keeping us alive!

But there are lots of areas of our bodies that are pretty incredible. Things like our finger nails, eye lashes, and even our lips.

There are lots of strange things about us that make us human.

As time goes on, we begin to evolve and change depending on our environment. It’s a process that can take millions of years, but slowly the human race is changing.

In the future, parts of our bodies won’t even exist.

Weird, right?!

Take a look at some of the body parts that could be soon missing from the human body!

1. Body hair

It’s true that our brows help keep sweat away from our eyes, but male facial hair plays an important role when it comes to attracting a possible mate.

According to scientists, most hair left on the human body serves no function these days!

2. Paranasal sinuses

No one really knows why we retain these mucus-lined cavities. But it is believed they serve the purpose of making our heads lighter.

Strange, right?

3. Extrinsic ear muscles

Unlike certain animals, like dogs, cats, and rabbits, we can’t move our ears.

These animals are able to do it thanks to these special and exotic-sounding muscles. We still have them, which is the reason why some people can wiggle their ears.

It’s a neat thing, but in all honesty, these muscles serve no purpose.

4. Wisdom teeth

We all have wisdom teeth at the moment, and they date back from a time where we had to chew plants in order to gain enough calories to live.

Yet, roughly  5% of the population has a set of these healthy teeth that are effectively useless.

We hope this one will be the first to disappear from this list. Hello cheaper dentist bills!

5. Neck rib

We all have a set of cervical ribs.

But where do they come from and what do they do?

It’s believed that they are possibly leftover from the age of reptiles, and they still appears in 1% of the population.

Some people have it only on their left or right side, but there are some people who have both. They often cause nerve and artery problems.

6. Palmaris muscle

The palmaris muscle is a long and narrow muscle which runs from your elbow to your wrist.

It is currently missing from 11% of humans. It was once important for climbing and hanging, something quite handy for those who like to climb.

7.  Male nipples

Men and women have nipples. We all know this, but why does it happen?

Nipples occur during the early stages of fetal development, while an unborn child is effectively genderless.

That’s why nipples are present in both males and females. Men don’t really need to produce milk, making their nipples redundant. 

8. Arrector pili muscles

Arrector pili muscles allow animals to puff their fur up for warmth, or to intimidate others.

We know it as getting goosebumps, when our hairs stand on end. This is created by these tiny muscles which we no longer need, since we’re less hairy.

9. Appendix

The appendix is a redundant muscular tube which is attached to our large intestine.

It once helped us digest plants, when back in the old days when our diets were more plant based.

But these days we don’t eat as many plants, leaving us with an appendix which is unnecessary and prone to infections.

10. Thirteenth rib

I bet you didn’t know you had thirteen ribs. I know I didn’t!

Well not everyone does actually! 8% of adults have a 13 ribs instead of the usually 12.

Strange, right?!

Our closest cousins, chimpanzees and gorillas also have an extra set of ribs!

11. Toes

According to recent studies, scientists have found that humans used to walk and balance more on the midline of their feet, but that changes when we gradually transferred to balancing more toward the side of our big toe.

But new studies show that our centre of balance is still shifting inward. This means that humans will no longer need to rely on their toes for balance. 

12. Coccyx

Our coccyx is also known as our tail-bone, and it’s all we have left of our tails.

Most mammals have a tail, which is used for balance and communication, and scientists believe that our coccyx is an indication we use to have one!

13. Third eyelid

Us humans actually retain only a tiny fold in the inner corner of the eye, which was once a third eyelid. But we no longer need it!

14. Darwin’s Point

Darwin’s point is a small folded point of skin which is placed towards the top of each ear. It’s occasionally found in modern humans, but not on all of them.

It’s believed to be a remnant of a larger shape that helped focus distant sounds. Pretty neat, right?

15. Subclavius muscle

This is a small muscle which stretches from under the shoulder from the first rib to our collarbone.

It would be useful if humans were still walking on all fours, but we’re not so it’s time for it to go!

While it’s possible for some people not to have this weird body part, what’s even weirder is that there are some people who have two!

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