16 Things Every Girl Does At Bedtime

Going to bed sounds like an easy thing to do, but if you’re a woman then you know that there’s at least a dozen things you have to do before you can put your head down on that pillow. These 16 things are part of every girls nightly routine and you know you wouldn’t want to skip a single one!

1. Take a shower

This could take you about 5 minutes but you have to finish singing every single track on Beyonce’s new album before you can get out. You wouldn’t want to disappoint your fans, after all!

2. Get out of the shower and see the horrifying state of your makeup

Turns out a shower is NOT the most effective way to get your makeup off and now you have panda eyes. Time for some serious facial cleansing!

3. Tell everyone you know that you’re getting an early night

Because if everyone thinks you’re getting an early night, it has to be true and you’ll still feel all the positive effects in the morning. That’s definitely how it works, right?

4. Start popping those spots

Wait, I can’t go to bed yet! I’ve just looked in the mirror and spotted that volcano growing out of my face. It has to be popped. Now.

5. Move on to blackhead town

Well, while I’m here I might as well get those blackheads lurking on my nose too! It’d be rude not to!

6. Cover yourself in zit-fighting toothpaste

Sure, you could just put a tiny blob of toothpaste onto each spot, but you know it won’t really work unless you completely cover your face and smell minty fresh.

7. Put on your bedtime bun

Ahh, the messy bedtime bun! I think it might be the law for any girl with hair longer than their ears to wear this bad boy for bed.

8. Pajama time

That no bra, pajama time feeling is just the best. You know it’s really bedtime when the pajamas are on!

9. Tell yourself you’re done snacking, brush your teeth and then…I’ll just have one more piece of chocolate. Just one. Or five. Even if it tastes like toothpaste now, it’s still chocolate!

10. Set about a million alarms

Because one alarm just isn’t enough to wake you up.

11. Put your phone as far away from you as possible

I will not check Facebook. I won’t. I won’t. Well okay, just once.

12. Double check you’ve set your alarms… and whether anyone’s messaged you!

I’m definitely just checking my alarms, it’s not my fault if I get a message that I have to answer straight away!

13. Check every social media account you have one last time…

And by one last time, I mean at least 5 more times. At. Least.

14. Write an amazing tweet and wait for the likes to pour in

I’m a genius and this tweet will definitely blow up the internet.

15. Sulk because nobody liked your tweet after all

Everybody I know has a terrible sense of humour and that is their fault, not mine! I’m not crying, honest.

16. Finally get ready to go to sleep

Ahhhhhh, time to sleep. Now I just have to get comfortable. Maybe when I’ve tried 500 different sleeping positions I’ll finally get some shut eye!

Which one of these is your favourite part of your girly bedtime routine? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family!

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