17 Photos To Either Impress You Disgust You, There's No In-Between

Most of the time, I’m really not sure how to feel these days.

Yeah, it’s great that the boss has enough faith in me to give me all this work to do… but I’m still gonna be at my desk at 7:30 pm.

Sure, this salad is healthy and will help me hit my diet goals… but MAN I could go for a burger right now.

See, sometimes it’s better to go with your gut.

What do your instincts say about something? It could be worth listening to them every once in a while, to find out what you REALLY want in life.

Take these examples, for instance. Look through these pictures and tell me what so see. Something seriously impressive? Or something so horrific that you just wanna flip your chair over and scream?

There’s only one way to find out!

1. This disgraceful looking monstrosity is actually a wonderful yummy cake that somebody has lovingly baked

But try telling me that when I’ve already run screaming out of the room and you find my three blocks over crying and puking.

2. Not sure if I want my own case like this…

Or if I want to march over there and swat that thing right out of his damn smug hands.

3. What does ‘ich bin euer Kuschelbaby’ mean in English?

“I will suck out your soul through your mouth while you sleep”? Still, you’ve got to admire the craftsmanship that went into creating that awful, awful thing.

4. I guess that’s one way of getting yourself an authentic pair of Crocs

But that still wouldn’t stop my from stomping on those things as hard as I could if I saw that guy walking around my town!

5. What this pelican can do sure is impressive

I’d say about as impressive as it is creepy!

6. Should I be bowled over at how much skill and talent it takes to shape raw meat into something like this?

Or should I be worried about the future serial killer butcher carrying it out?

7. Whoever thought of this hotdog cooking method is a real visionary

But there’s something about this that just doesn’t sit right. Maybe it’s imagining the taste of that water.

8. Designer nail trends are really starting to get out of hand


9. Check out this bodybuilder’s rippling – literally – chest!

Either we’ve found a new fetish for you here, or you want to set that guy on fire. Like we said, there’s no in between.

10. Even the person in the background is impressed with this party trick… either that or they’re staring in horror.

Admit it, you just tried this for yourself, didn’t you?

11. Do you want to pet this giant freakin’ chicken, or run a mile in the opposite direction?

Cluck cluck motherf****r.

12. It looks like a deadly poisonous sake, but it’s really another cake!

I wouldn’t even get so far as to tuck into that delicious looking cake, I would have socked that thing so hard with a shovel they’d be cleaning jam and cream off the walls for a week.

13. If you’ve got vertigo look away now

This will either get you applauding or your hands will fuse together after one clap and you’ll be gripping so tightly you’d need a crowbar to prize them apart.

14. Is it just me, or does this eggplant look like Richard Nixon

I must buy it… either to treasure it for ever, or to wipe it from the face of the Earth!

15. Like, zoiks!

You’re twisting my freakin’ melon here, man!

16. The face swap to end all face swaps

Jeez, how many drugs was whoever did this on anyway?

17. Somebody invented a ‘dad bod’ pouch for keeping drinks in

Did they really have to make it QUITE to realistic though? That thing is gross!

Well you’re either on top of the world right now or ready to rub bleach in your eyes… so why not let us know which? Tell us if you enjoyed or hated this article with a COMMENT and please SHARE it around to see how your friends and family react!

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