28 Grandparents Who Are Sick And Tired Of Facebook

Facebook used to be a place that only the young, hip and happening would use, but nowadays it seems like everyone and their grandmother has an account. Especially their grandmothers! Grandparents are taking over Facebook and some of their posts are absolutely hilarious! We’ve found some of the funniest Facebook gems to give you a good giggle today!

1. Careful Linda, they’re on to you!

If you’re found guilty of creating fake minions does the guy from Despicable Me come down and deliver the sentence personally?

2. Connie just wants out!

Sounds like her AV Install Nightmares are over but her Facebook ones are just beginning.

3.  You can always count on your Nana to have an honest opinion

The next time you go round to her house you know she’ll be offering you fibre-rich snacks.

4. Seriously, Wendy’s, what are you playing at?

You’d better stay away from Isabel’s Facebook or there’ll be hell to pay!

5. This is a very good question…

I’m actually concerned that they think this is what a real person looks like. Those eyes would haunt my dreams for the rest of my life if they were real!

6. Donna has had enough with Walmart

The staff of Walmart would like Donna to know she’ll be sorely missed.

7. Farmville is serious business.

Heaven help her if she ever goes near Candy Crush!

8. How dare you post drugs on HER TIMELINE!

Does anyone want to explain how Facebook works to this person? Anyone?

9. This comment is the real magic

Who’s Harry Potter? Your friend from school?

10. You should be very proud

Do you think this might be Ronnie’s son? I think it might be Ronnie’s son.

11. Everett has bigger problems than Facebook

Looks like Ronnie’s in trouble!

12. Kenny does what he wants

Although I do find the name Buttfeed pretty funny!

13. Jo Ann is unimpressed with your apology!

The green giant isn’t so jolly after that put down!

14. That Morgan Freeman is dangerous!

Leona is going to be very confused if Morgan Freeman actually does die.

15. Too little, too late.

Sorry Dollar Tree, your efforts were not good enough for Denice!

16. WHY?!

I like to think that Sydney and Zainora had a very serious talk about the wonders photoshop after this.

17. Judith does not believe you, Walmart!

You’ve betrayed her trust too many times and she’s had enough!

18. Lorraine was going to keep in touch with her family…

But then she decided that no, she doesn’t like them enough in real life to want to deal with them online aswell.

19. How dare you!

This person is very surprised to see friendly cuss words being used on the internet. Shocked and appalled.

20. Arleen is fighting the power!

Shame on you Roses Discount Stores, shame on you.

21. This is sick, man, just sick!

I don’t know who’s worse, A or B!

22. Please keep your witchcraft to yourself.

Green is just really scared that she’s going to have to babysit the kid from the Omen.

23. You are NOT authorised!

Joseph’s been telling people that he’s only 21 for years and now the cat’s out of the bag. You’ll be hearing from his lawyers.

24. Grandma Judy’s just looking out for your friends

I’ll bet her friend was really happy to hear what Grandma Judy thought of her!

25. Vincent’s a simple man

Do you really need to say any more than that?

26. Turn that racket down!

Seriously, how many times have you been on this list now Walmart? Get it together!

27. She’s had enough Pot thank you!

She’s seen nothing but Pot all day and she doesn’t want any more!

28. Probably the nicest argument I’ve ever seen on Facebook

I like to think that they hugged it out over a cup of tea and some cookies after this one.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen on Facebook? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share this with your friends, your family and any hilarious grandparents you know!

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