8 Natural And Healthy Home Remedies For Whiter Teeth And Stronger Gums

It’s important to look after ourselves, especially when we’re getting older.

A healthy body and mind is the key to a full and happy life.

After all, what’s the point of living if you aren’t able to do anything?

I’m aware I’m no spring chicken, but I make sure I (try to) eat as healthy as a can on a some what regular basis, and I do the odd bit of exercise here and there.

If I plan on being around for a long time I have to be fit enough to fight Death away!

That’s why it’s important to try and eat healthy on a regular basis, exercise as often as we can, and look after our bodies.

But there is one area of our life that we often forget about and even neglect.

‘What area is that?’ I hear you ask! Well, it’s your mouth.

We’ve all forgotten to brush our teeth now and then (with some people doing it very regularly than others), and we’ve all admitted that we don’t floss nearly as much as we should.

Our teeth and gums are one of the key parts of our health.

By neglecting our teeth and gums we’re exposing ourselves to all sorts of health problems.

If we neglect our mouth, we’re putting ourselves in the firing line of heart disease and all other nasty little ailments!

Who wants that? Not me!

As I said before, how am I suppose to fight off Death with a broken down tinker? That’s not going to happen!

The other downside of neglecting your teeth and gums is the condition it leaves them in.

Forgetting to brush your teeth, and even forgetting to floss them can leave your teeth stained and your gums unhealthy and weakened!

I think I’ll pass on that!

Thankfully there are remedies out there to help look after your gums, making them stronger, and your teeth, making them whiter.

But most of the remedies that you can purchase from your local supermarket or pharmacy can be rather expensive.

Looking after your health shouldn’t be so expensive!

Thankfully, we’ve found a few handy little home remedies that are natural, and they also help look after your wallet too!

Who could ask for more?!

Still don’t believe me? Then com and check out these amazing home remedies for yourself!

Trust us, these remedies will change your life!

1. Use Aloe Vera

There are a number of studies out there that have shown us that Aloe Vera is a great product that’s brilliant for a lot of things. It’s great for your hair, your skin, and it even turns out that it’s great for your teeth too!

Aloe vera gel when placed directly in the mouth and used as a paste to brush your teeth with (or mixed with water to create a mouthwash) has a teeth whitening effect.

2. Use Lemon Oil

Just like Aloe vera, lemons and lemon products are very good for you.

You can use lemon oil to brighten up your teeth and strengthen your gums by adding a few drops in your drinking water on a regular basis.

This  helps you prevent recession of the gum line by stimulating and increasing tissue formation.

3. Stop Smoking

We all know that smoking has a negative affect on our health. But did you know that the nicotine in your cigarettes can discolour your teeth?

It’s just another great reason to stop smoking.

4. Don’t Brush Your Teeth Right After Eating

Your probably going to be surprised with this next remedy, I know I was!

It’s highly recommended that you don’t brush your teeth after eating. This can really damage your enamel, especially when it’s in a weakened state!

5. Floss Your Teeth Daily

Most of us forget to floss, but it can’t be stressed enough that flossing is a key part of good oral health!

If can remove most (if not all) of the bacteria in your mouth. The best way to floss is to carefully slide it between each tooth in a zigzag motion. Just be careful not to floss too hard because it can damage your gums.

6. Rose Vinegar

For this gorgeous home remedy, all you have to do is wash some organic rose petals, let them dry, then add them to a jar of white vinegar.

Leave it out in the sun for a month, and then use it as a mouth wash!

It works like a charm and strengthens your gums in no time at all!

7. Drink Water

It’s always important to drink a lot of water as it’s good for your health all around, but it’s especially good for your teeth and gums as it keeps them hydrated! 

8. Stop Eating Junk Food

We all know that stuffing our faces with junk food isn’t good for us, but have you ever consider the effect it has on your teeth?

Junk food helps bacteria grow in your mouth which often leads to infections. Talk about nasty!

Which one of these natural home remedies surprised you the most?

Feel free to let me know in the COMMENTS, as always I love hearing from you!

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