'Cannibal Family' Confess to Eating 30 People and Posing for Selfies with Their Victims' Remains!

No, it’s not Halloween yet but there is a real life horror story unfolding in the news this week. An alleged ‘cannibal family’ who live in southern Russia have confessed to killing and eating at least 30 people. They performed these atrocities over an 18 year period as they lived in Krasnodar. Warning, if you’ve got a sensitive stomach turn back now, the details of this case are gruesome!

35 year old Dmitry Bakshaev has been identified as one of the primary suspects in this case. It’s alleged that he confessed to the police that he began eating humans in 1999, at this time he also began to take gruesome photographs of his victims. His partner in crime was his wife, Natalia, whom he married when he was 18.

Natalia Bakshaev, 42, is a nurse and is alleged to have also confessed to taking part in these cannibalistic horrors. Sources say that Natalia was shown photographs of missing Russian women and has identified many of them as victims of herself and her husband. It’s also said that Natalia has undergone psychiatric testing which has determined her to be perfectly healthy and completely aware of her actions.

The image above is that of the Bakshaev’s most recent victim, known only as Elena B. It’s claimed that Dmitry Bakshaev used dating websites to lure his victims into his home but it is unknown whether this method was used to bring Elena B. to her death. It just goes to show that you should always be very, very careful about who you meet online.

When the Bakshaev’s home was raided by police, human remains were discovered in the fridge and freezer as well as human skin that came from up to 19 different people. There were also bags containing the possessions of victims, a human head in a jar, a collection of wigs, and a bucket containing body parts found in the Bakshaev’s disgusting home. The police must have been incredibly brave, you couldn’t pay me to set foot in that place!

Dmitry Bakshaev was first brought to the attention of the police by a man who found Bakshaev’s phone on the street in Krasnodar. The phone contained gruesome photographs of human remains and sinister selfies Dmitry took with his deceased victims.

The photographs Dmitry Bakshaev has taken over the past 18 years are truly harrowing. One of the first pictures he ever took features the severed head of a woman, surrounded by oranges on a platter. He had more recently taken a selfie with the hand of one of his victims, posing with the fingers in this mouth and nose.

The alleged murders are being investigated by police but the initial investigation will only concern the death of one woman. The other murders that the Bakshaevs have confessed to will be thoroughly investigated as the case continues.

What do you think of this shocking news story? Are you disgusted by the actions of Bakshaev? Tell us what you think in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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