Human Ken Doll Detained In Dubai Because Of His 'Drastic Cosmetic Surgery'

From time to time most of us would have contemplated plastic surgery. It’s just one of those things.

While most of us admit it’s something we wouldn’t have done to ourselves, we still think about what we could have done.

Most people think about having their nose changed, or having a face lift, or even having a tummy tuck. But just because you think about it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.

I think about ordering a salad whenever I got to McDonald’s but I know I’m never going to do it.

“Botched” is a reality TV show with a huge fan following.

The show aims to remedy any plastic surgery mistakes, but it does show some rather bizarre patients.

They usually go on the show because they want to get something insanely stupid and over the top.

One of the most famous clients is Rodrigo Alves, also known as the ‘Human Ken Doll’.

Rodrigo is infamous for spending shocking amounts of money on various cosmetic surgical procedures in the quest to find perfection.

Rodrigo was born in Brazil, but now travels around the world as a flight attendant.

The Human Ken Doll has had chest implants, a number of butt lifts, ten nose jobs, hair implants, and even an artificial eight pack!

So far, all of his cosmetic procedures have totalled an astounding $500,000.

Rodrigo believes that there is an unfair taboo attached to plastic surgery, a taboo that he aims to tear down!

But it looks like this 34 year old could be shunning cosmetic surgery and turning to a natural approach!

From our perspective, it seems like Rodrigo has a pretty relaxed lifestyle.

But recently, the Human Ken Doll has made it into the press because his drastic look prevented him from boarding the plane.

Rodrigo was detained in Dubai because his passport photograph resembled nothing like he looks like.

Why? Because the photo was taken before most of Rodrigo’s drastic changes to his appearance.

I guess he should have gotten a new passport!

Rodrigo was attending the opening of a new hotel, but he was made to stop at the airport after arriving in Dubai.

“I landed few hours ago in Dubai and when I reached the counter the immigration officer, after scanning my passport and using a face recognition machine, he politely referred me to an office where I had to sit and wait for 3 hours.

“I didn’t question what was going on because I have had the same situation when landing in NYC at JFK when I was questioned for one hour then once I told the immigration officer to look me up they all were very apologetic just saying that they were doing their job.”

He waited three hours after arriving at the Dubai Airport, until airport staff could verify if Rodrigo was who he said he was.

Talk about awkward!

“I was set down at a very comfy chair and sipping a lovely Arabic Tea just waiting for then to finish their job. Once it was done I as called and the officer gave me British passport back with a silver stamp on it asking me to go to desk number one, where I was then let into the country.”

But that’s not the only reason the Human Ken Doll has been in the press lately.

After his run in with Dubai airport security, you’d think he’d be put off over doing it with the plastic surgery anymore.

But, Rodrigo is actually considering transitioning from the Human Ken Doll to the Human Barbie Doll!

He said in an interview:

I am very happy to be a man for now but I don’t want to an old saggy man. I will do what Caitlyn Jenner did. When I reach my late 50s, I would rather be a sexy old lady then a saggy old man.

The sex change will happen when I’m in my mid 50s but I’m still 34. So it will be a long process but I love life and I celebrate life every day.

“I feel very comfortable in my own skin but when I get old I don’t want to be an old saggy man. But when my manhood isn’t working anymore that is when I’ll go under the knife and I’ll have the best of both worlds.”

Obviously, this announcement has come with quite a bit of backlash, with many people believing that gender reassignment surgery isn’t about looking good when you reach old age.

But at the end of the day, it’s Rodrigo’s money, and if that’s how he wants to spend it, then so be it!

As long as he’s happy, am I right?

What do you think about the Human Ken Doll becoming the Human Barbie Doll?

Feel free to let me know in the COMMENTS, as always I love reading through what you guys have to say!

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