15 Of The Scariest And Creepiest Creatures Ever Found In The Amazon Forest

The world is filled with a lot of interesting things and a lot of interesting creatures.

All to have to do is take a look around and your sure to find something that will completely amaze you!

Whenever I want to be amazed by the world we live in, I stand under a tree.

I’m aware how daft and silly it sounds but its a very beautiful thing to see, especially when you look up and see how all the leaves and branches are spread out.

Seriously, if you haven’t done it before, then you should give it a try!

But nature isn’t all beauty and gentle creatures like butterflies.

Nature has some pretty dangerous creatures hidden amongst her, and one of the best places to find them is in the Amazon River!

Don’t believe that there’s anything scary in the Amazon River?

Well just take a look at this list, it may make you think twice about your trip into the Amazon!

1. Green Anacondas

You can usually find a green anaconda in swamps, marshes, rivers all over South America.

This makes the Amazon the perfect home for them.

The snakes are huge! They can reach up to 30 feet and weigh up to an incredible 550 pounds!

When they’re on land, they don’t tend to be much of a threat. They’re too heavy to move quickly. But when they’re in water, that’s another story!

They can move very fast , and the special openings at the very top of their heads allow them to lie almost completely submerged in water. Once they ambush their prey, they use their immense size and strength to constrict it to death. 

2. Tyrant King Leeches

The tyrant king leech may be three inches long, but they’re very terrifying. It uses its huge teeth to create holes in your skin for it to feed.

These leeches aim to create holes in open areas, which include the eyes, penis, vagina, and even our bums! Once inside the leech can survive and feed for weeks!

3. Amazonian Giant Centipedes

The Amazonian giant centipede is one of the largest insects alive.

It can measure up to a foot long, and this massive creature is known to scurry at fast speeds on the forest floor.

They’re known to hunt creatures like lizards, amphibians, and small mammals that make their homes near the water.

These nasty little creatures can even inject venom into its victims using the sharp claws it has on its head.

4. Bull Sharks

That’s right, there are sharks in the Amazon River!

The bull shark has been found an astounding 2,500 miles up the river! Bull sharks are one of the most aggressive sharks in existence, and its loves shallow water.

This makes it incredibly dangerous, especially for anyone taking a dip. If that isn’t scary enough for you, it can also grow to be 11 feet long!

5. Black Caimans

The black caiman is the largest member of the alligator family.

These nasty creatures are able to grow up to 20 feet. It’s one of the deadliest animals that lives in the Amazon River.

It’s dark coloring serves as the perfect camouflage when it’s in the water, meaning it can ambush you any time.

Black caimans are known for their aggressive nature and have also been known to attack people who live or work on the riverbanks.

6. Electric Eels

Although it’s commonly known as the electric eel, they’re actually a knifefish.

Due to its strange shaping they’re able to produce electricity from it’s organs.

This electric shock can reach up to 600 volts for several milliseconds. Thankfully this won’t kill you, but it can deliver as much pain as a stun gun and can even cause a numbing sensation.

7. Poison Dart Frogs

There are a few types of posion dart frogs that live in tropical forests throughout South America, but several types have decided to call the Amazon River their home.

They look harmless, but these are one of the deadliest creatures on the planet. They have a potent toxin that seeps from their skin.

A single poison dart frog can kill up to 10 adult men with a single touch.

8. Goliath Birdeaters

There are many people out there who are terrified of spiders, if your one of them look away now!

This creepy critter can grow to the size of a puppy!

The goliath birdeater is the heaviest tarantula in the world. It’s found mostly in the swamps and marshes around the Amazon River, where it burrows underground and goes out at night to hunt. It’s not dangerous to humans, though it will shed it’s hairs when approached, which can cause irritation for a few days.

9. Candirus

The candiru is a parasitic fish that lives in the basins of the Amazon River. They’re very small, usually only a few millimeters in length.

But what makes them scary is how they feed.

They insert themselves into the gills of a much larger fish, and eat!

This shouldn’t bother you usually, but recently a story got out about a candirus that had fond a way of inserting itself into the bodily openings of swimmers.

There’s only one documented case of this happening, but it’s still the stuff of nightmares!

10. Red-Bellied Piranhas

Piranhas arguably have the worst reputation of any fish, they are frenzied killers are able to tear the flesh off any animal in mere matter of minutes!

But most of the time, they’re pretty shy creatures who lurk in the basins of the Amazon River, where they feed on other fish and insects. 

Still, it has to be said they’re pretty creepy!

11. Payaras

The payara is known as the vampire fish, and for good reason too!

This fish has a huge mouth which is studded with fangs that can grow to six inches long. They use their fangs to impale smaller fish.

12. Pacus

Pacus is a type of fish that are closely related to the piranha. It can grow to a huge size. Seriously, it’s a huge nightmare when it opens its mouth!

Their teeth are similar to ours, but they’re mainly used for eating foods like nuts!

Still, I bet it would be horrible to be bitten by a pacus fish!


13. Arapaima Gigas

The arapaima gigas is a massive fish that lives in the basins of the Amazon River and nearby swamps.

It’s one of the biggest fish in the world and it can reach up to anstounding nine feet long and weighs around 440 pounds.

But what’s truly creepy about this fish is that it breathes air.

Because it spends a lot of time on the surface of water, it’s developed a taste fr birds, so it gets close to the shore to hunt them. 

This fish has exceptional strength and powerful jaws that makes killing prey easy as pie! It has scaly armour that protects it from any threat in the water too!

14. Mata Mata Turtles

The mata mata turtle spends most (if not all) of it’s life in the water. They only come out to lay eggs.

It’s the only surviving member of it’s kind, and it looks more like a fossil than a turtle.

It can live for up to 75 years and can grow to be two feet long!

But what makes this turtle scary? Well, it eats by creating a vacuum in its mouth that sucks in fish that pass by.

14. Giant Otters

Otters are cute, right?

Well you may have to think again!

This giant otter is the largest of its kind, and one of the largest mammals in South America.

It lives exclusively in the Amazon River and its surrounding waterways, and while it may not look  threatening, it’s actually one of the most efficient killers in the Amazon.

These otters are actually able to kill and eat, yes eat, anacondas and even caimans! Impressive, right?!

They do it by grouping and latching onto it’s prey, they work as a team to kill. They surround the neck which means they can’t be reached by the animal’s sharp teeth!

To finish the fish off they simply harass it until it wears itself out from lactic acid buildup and the otters then drag the fish onto the shore and eat it alive!

I hope I didn’t scare you too much with my list of creepy and strange animals!

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