23 Really Strange Things That Have Happened This Week

Sometime, weird stuff just happens. There’s no explanation for it, it’s just that… oh wait, there’s a perfectly good explanation for it.

The explanation is that weird people do weird things, and here’s a whole bunch of them coming through!

Okay so maybe not every single one of these are somebody doing something weird, but it’s definitely a deciding factor.

So what do you do when a whole bunch of strange stuff happens?

You sit around and point and laugh at it of course! Just like this!

1. I think the dentist has been messing around with this person’s teeth too much

But apart from all that, what have the Romans ever done for us?

2. These doggon doggos are having a pyjama party

Then why do they look so sad?

3. This guy made himself a fully working sniper rifle… okay, maybe not FULLY working…

That’s great, but… what if your enemy comes out of that door right there?

4. It’s called fashion Brenda, look it up

“What’s fashion? Who said that? Hello? I can still have a treat, right?”

5. Something tells me a hurricane or a tornado came through here. Just a hunch I have.

Well, I guess that tree really got it good!

6. If you’ve gotten yourself an eye injury, why not carry it off with a little style and panache!

Yarrr that be an excellent eye patch, says I!

7. Keep looking, you’ll work out what this thing is eventually

Here’s a hint… it’s not a real flamingo! I know, insane right?

8. Check out this girl in the rush hour traffic!

I guess she was just making sure? I have no idea what she was making sure about other than looking completely weird, but hey!

9. Somebody had this cockroach over for dinner

Normally they’re uninvited guests, but this little guy RSVP’d and brought a bottle of wine and everything!

10. Well why not paint ALL of your power outlets like this at home?

There isn’t a whole bunch of paintings that this would work just as well for, so you have to give the artist credit for that!

11. I guess the force must be strong in this one?

Who in the heck looks at some avocado and hummus on bread and thinks ‘aha, that looks exactly like Jabba the Hutt!’?

12. So it turns out somebody went out of their way to make these things

Looks like they’re ganging up on that poor little feller.

13. Check out this amazing 3D tattoo!

Maybe that will be the next big craze!

14. This bun was just trying to have some fun, but now he’s stuck, son

I have no idea why this is so hilarious, but goodness help me if it isn’t!

15. Oh wow, you caught a live one!

Or is that just a pet name that you’ve given the cage?

16. This guy is obviously on a very particular dating website

Imagine being the person who had to develop these photos… or take them, for that matter!

17. We’ve all made the mistake of going to a nudist beach… it was by accident, honestly!

Sheesh, how did a guy like him ever get a girl like that? He must be rich!

18. This guy made a new friend when he went snorkeling

You got a picture? Good. Now GET IT OFF! Getitoff getitoff getitoff!

19. Turns out Halloween costumes aren’t just for humans these days

If you saw this in your neighbors’ yard, you would definitely run a mile, right?

20. Well if there was ever a witch’s house, I guess we found it!

I dare you to go knock on the door.

21. I have just one question…

How was this photo taken?

22. Thanks for sorting that situation out

I don’t know what ‘it’ is, but this friendly neighborhood alligator sure has got ‘it’.

23. That must be one heavy… erm… thing

Whatever it is.

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