24 Everyday Objects That You Didn't Know You're Using Incorrectly!

There are thousands of little everyday objects around us that have hidden features we just don’t notice. Whether they’re hidden in plain sight, or just not something we’d have ever thought of trying, these features were designed to make our lives a little easier and we just didn’t see it! We’ve found 24 of these strange features on everyday objects that will make you wonder what you ever did without them.

1. The tops of take out drinks cups

Thought these were just to stop your drink from spilling over? Think again! The top from your drink can also be used as a handy coaster!

2. These ridges on your tyre

They might look like they’re just part of the fancy design, but these ridges are here to let you know whether your tyres need replacing or not!

3. The 57 on Heinz ketchup bottles

This is known as the ‘sweet spot’ of the bottle and if you tap on this little 57, you’ll find that the ketchup comes right out without you having to smack the bottom with your hand. Life just got a whole lot easier!

4. The hole in pen caps

This is a really simple design feature that actually saves lives! The hole in the cap means that if you swallow it while idly chewing on your pen, you’ll still be able to breathe!

5. The hole in lollipop sticks

This is the same idea is the pen caps, if you accidentally swallow a lollipop stick, this tiny hole will make sure you can still breathe.

6. Slotted patches on backpacks

This one should be no stranger to any avid campers out there. This patch is there so you can attach other things to your bag, for example, a sleeping bag!

7. Extra fabric that comes with clothes

What looks like simple supplies for repairs has another use we didn’t think of. If you’re not sure how your favourite new top will react to detergent, put this scrap of fabric into your wash and find out without ruining your clothes!

8. Bumps on your keyboard

These don’t look like much, but they’re very useful for those who want to learn to touch type. These two bumps help you to know where to place your hands and also where the other keys you want to use are without looking down.

9. The ridged bottom of bobby pins

This one’s simple, the bumps on bobby pins are there to make sure it actually grips your hair! Easy!

10. A box-end wrench

You might not have considered this one, but it can be used to extend your grip on a screwdriver.

11. The codes on cosmetics packaging

You might not have noticed this little icon, but it’s an expiration date! The one in this picture means that you can use this product for 12 months before it’s considered out of date.

12. Rivets in jeans

These little studs are here to reinforce the seams on your jeans, keeping them from falling apart for longer!

13. The point on toothpaste caps

You’ll often find this on toothpaste that’s sealed with foil when you buy it. You can use this pointy bit of the cap to open your toothpaste without having to search for scissors!

14. The little black dots on your car window

These are known as ‘frits’ and aren’t just there for design purposes. They protect the adhesive holding your car window from UV rays and also cover any marks the adhesive leaves.

15. Plastic disks in bottle caps

I always thought these were just here to be annoying, really they’re there to keep your drinks sealed and fresh.

16. The arrow on your gas metre

This little arrow points to the side of your car that has the gas cap. Useful when you pull up to the gas station and can’t remember which pump to use!

17. The hole in spaghetti ladles

If you thread your dry spaghetti through the little hole in this spoon you’ll have one perfect portion of pasta.

18. Holes in your sneakers

These are for ventilation, keeping your sweaty feet from stinking!

19. The metal plate on staplers

This unassuming metal plate can be used to determine if the staples will bend in our out when you press down. Who knew?

20. The back of utility blades

Ever accidentally had a blade fall out of one of these, only to throw the fallen blade out? Well not any more! You can use the back end of the blade to slide fallen blades back into place.

21. The tiny pocket in your jeans

This was originally designed for pocket watches, but considering that nobody carries those any more, you can use it for whatever you want.

22. The hole in rulers

This is there so you can hang your rulers up. I’ve never hung a ruler up myself, but I’m sure it’ll be useful for some people out there!

23. The hole in pan handles

I thought these were just here to hang your pans up but they also make a handy holder for your wooden spoon while you cook.

24. The coloured marks on packaging

These aren’t there for us, but for the machines assembling these tubes. They let the machine know what needs to be done to the packaging to seal it properly.

What weird uses have you found for everyday objects? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to share with your family and friends!

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