25 Ordinary Photos That'll Make You Look Twice

A photo is worth a thousand words according to some people, which would explain why so many people use Instagram and Snapchat.

A lot of effort goes into taking a good photo. You’ve got to get the right lighting, the right moment. Everything has to be perfect to take the best photo.

But sometimes people just stumble upon the right moment to take a photo, and something beautiful happens.

You could say these photos were a happy accident!

These photos are pretty impressive, and feature some incredible photos.

From perfectly timed wedding photos, misplaced babies feet, and men with horses heads… These photos are wonderfully weird.

Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself!

1. Dog Deer

You’ve got to admit, this is an utterly adorable photograph!

2. Baby’s Foot

What an unfortunate spot to place your feet!

3. Owl Man Wedding

You may now kiss your owl husband!

4. Beautiful

You have to admit it, this man is rocking those butterfly wings!

5. A Long Leak

You have to admit it, that’s one very impressive pee!

6. A Hungry Cat

Wait, is that cat eating that pole or not? I’m so confused!

7. One Long Hand

I bet that kid has a really good through when playing baseball!

8. Two Headed Dog

I bet he has some very expensive vet bills! Two dog heads on one body!

9. Zebra Lady

Wait, are those her legs or the zebras? I’m so confused! (But let’s be honest, that’s not hard!)

10. Three Legs

My mind is melting! This is crazy!

11. A Rare Breed

A two headed giraffe? I didn’t even know they exsisted!

12. Head Long 

Looks like that guy has his head so far up that lady’s bum.

13. Horse Man

Is he Marvel’s latest superhero? It looks kinda boring!

14. Long Legs

Ok, those heels actually suit that guy… Wait, is that his girlfriend instead? I’m so confused!

15. Invisible Hockey

Where is his head? Is he a superhero? What is going on?!

16. A Big Back

It took me ten minutes to figure out that it’s not actually her back! This is so weird!

17. Hybrid On The Bus

It looks like it’s casual day at the Egyptian God office!

18. Attack Of The Pigeons

Either that’s a huge pigeon or that guy is really tiny! I suppose perspective is everything!

19. A Sick Horse

It looks to me like that horse is so sick, it’s puking out another horse! That’s not going to be a fun experience for anyone!

20. A Hairy Arm

Maybe its time to shave her arms and back… Wait, that’s her friends leg, isn’t it?

21. Three Boobs

Ok, let’s see if you have a dirty mind. Is that her boob or her elbow?

22. Foot Loose

Oh no! Her foots gone wild! Wait, how does she tie her shoes with feet for hands?

23. Big Head

That baby has a very big and adult shaped head!

24. Dragon Dog

Oh my! That dog can breathe fire! That’s incredible!

25. Floating Legs

Wait, this is proof that ghosts are real! It’s proof! Oh wait, I see her legs now…

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