Texan Woman Breaks World Record With 18 Foot Long Fingernails!

We all feel good when we’ve had a manicure and our nails are all long and gorgeous. The real joy of this though, is knowing that they’re only temporary. That the second we get fed up of the little inconveniences that come with having long nails (have you ever tried to put contacts in and out with nails on? It’s no fun!) we can have them removed and go back to normal… Until we want that fresh manicure feeling again!

However, if you’re Ayanna Williams of Texas, long nails are just a part of life. A BIG part of life. This is because Ayanna has just smashed the World Record for longest fingernails on a pair of hands. Imagine trying to do anything with these huge nails!

Ayanna’s amazing nails are a total of 18 feet and ten inches long! She has been growing her mammoth fingernails for a staggering 23 years… I guess that means her nails would be old enough to drink by themselves at the weekend! Would that make Ayanna the designated driver?

Until recently the world record for longest nails on a pair of hands was held by Chris ‘The Dutchess’ Walton. Her fingernails measured in at an amazing 23 feet and 11 inches, but she’s recently decided to cut her nails and make way for Ayanna Williams’ time in the spotlight. As you can see below though, Chris Waltons’ nails all grew in a spiral shape, wheras Ayanna’s grow straight out. I wonder which is more annoying when you’re trying to do your hair in the morning?

Life with huge fingernails means making a lot of compromises and Ayanna has to take a lot of care not to break her record breaking nails. She cleans them at the sink three times a day using bleach or disinfectant and a brush. I don’t even brush my hair that often!

Everyday tasks are also a trial for Ayanna, who has to use a pencil or her knuckles to use her phone. If she wants to eat popcorn she has to use a spoon and housework is completely out of the question. But who does her chores for her? The generous members of her family! If I thought my family would do my housework for me, I’d grow my nails out too!

You won’t be surprised to learn that Ayanna works as a nail technician, I don’t think there could be a more perfect job for her! But although she spends all of her time painting her clients’ nails, she only paints her own once a month. Can you blame her? It takes 20 hours and up to three bottles of nail polish to complete! I wouldn’t want to do that every day either! But Ayanna doesn’t confine her skills to her hands it seems, look at her toenails in this picture. Maybe there’s another world record she wants to break next?

Have you ever considered growing your nails as long as you can? What’s the craziest manicure you’ve ever seen? Tell us all about it in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends!

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