This Illustrator Perfectly Captures What Living With Curly Hair Is Like In 19 Hilarious Comics

Angela Mary Vaz is an Indian illustrator and comic artist who posts every day on her Instagram. So what? You might say. There are thousands, maybe even millions of people who do the same.

Ah but if you have curly hair, or even if you live with somebody who has curly hair, you are definitely gonna wanna follow Angela!

She posts painfully hilarious and definitely relatable cartoons about the curly-haired life, and how much trouble it can cause for everybody.

If you don’t have curly hair, maybe you can check out her work and learn a thing or two about how difficult it is!

25-year-old Angela’s Instagram account called Stray Curls now has over 100,000 followers, and she continues to illustrate her everyday curly-haired life from her studio in Bangalore.

Just have a look at how much maintenance that curly hair can take!

1. You can’t just go ahead and choose any kind of new hair style like a normal person!

Nope, you’ve got to carefully consider whether or not it will make you look like a total freakin’ idiot or not!

2. Humidity is a nightmare at the best of times

When you have curly hair, you’ll get that disco vibe way more than your average straight haired person!

3. Like I said, you can’t just choose any kind of hair style that you THINK will look good

Trust me, you’ve only seen it on people with NORMAL hair! The actual results can look absolutely freakin’ tragic!

4. Stray Curls nailed it again with this one!

I love the little details, like the brush all clumped up with hairs after she’s used it! That certainly is a familiar sight!

5. Yeah I love the feeling of the wind in my hair

But does everybody within a radius of 3 feet enjoy the feeling of my hair in their face, including me? I didn’t think so.

6. We all want our head nice and toasty, but we all get hat hair

It’s just that curly haired girls get hat hair worse than the rest of us, okay?

7. Doesn’t everybody love the bug eyed look?

Looks like curly hair problems are more complicated than we first figured!

8. Wow, are we up to problem number 147 already?

It’s always the way, your hair never behaves when other people actually have to look at it! By that time it’s trying for the crazy cat lady look!

9. Don’t get me started on the amount of thick long hairs clogging my shower drain!

A whole bottle of conditioner every time should do the trick!

10. Everybody gets that birds’ nest look every once in a while

Here’s the weather report: if it’s too hot, too humid, too windy or basically anything other than totally neutral, stay home if you have curly hair! Back to you in the studio!

11. Doesn’t everyone want to look like Betty Rubble from The Flintstones?

Hair styles are obviously a minefield, and a visit to the salon is enough to make your hair curl… oh wait!

12. This is pretty much every beach visit ever summed up in one comic

While your hair is still wet? Great! But when it dries… poof!

13. The thing with curly hair is it can get pretty tightly wound

If you could straighten it out perfectly, mostly curly girls would probably look like Rapunzel!

14. Measurements kinda go out of the window in the salon!

Is that a one inch trim of your hair curled or straightened out? Look never mind, I just took 3 feet off just to be sure.

15. The glamorous reality of the curly haired life!

You’ve got to remember that most folks on TV have teams of stylists that work on them for 3 hours before they even think about going in front of a camera!

16. Is humidity-ophobia a real thing?

Well, if it isn’t, it certainly should be! Somebody call up those dictionary folks!

17. That’s if you can find that hair bobble again in the first place, sister!

Having hair like a statue is something of a talent, and not everybody has it!

18. If there’s conditioner on sale anywhere and the shelves are empty, you know the curl brigade have been there!

What’s more important, covering your butt or making sure your hair can fit through doors? Exactly!

19. A bob cut makes you actually look like a guy called Bob

Or Jimi freakin’ Hendrix! It’s a retro look, okay?

You should definitely check out her Instagram, it’s insta-relatable! And don’t forget to COMMENT and SHARE this article to spread the good word!

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