22 Hilarious Tweets About Food Presentation That Goes A Step Too Far

We could all do with a little bit of laughter from time to time.

Laughter is good for us after all!

Not only goes it make us feel better, it actually helps combat mental illnesses like depression and anxiety.

It can even help you lose weight.

According to recent studies, just fifteen minutes of laughter can burn fifty calories. That’s pretty amazing, right?!

Laughing is a great way to pass the time and it’ll make your last day in work before the weekend go just a little bit quicker!

One of the best things to laugh about these days is the state of the food industry.

Seriously, it’s changed so much over the past couple of years!

We’re being served quirky and weird foods like ‘unicorn french toast’, avocado bagels, and even kale chips!

Seriously, kale chips? Why do they even have to exist!

But what’s on our plates aren’t the only thing that’s changed drastically over the past few years. Surprisingly, it’s the plates themselves that have changed the most!

Our lovely white plates have turned into long wooden boards, slates, or even our own hands! While our fries have being served in mini fryers and even tiny shopping trolleys!

It’s crazy!

Well, one guy has gone around many restaurants and showed off their weird and wacky plating styles through his Twitter profile We Want Plates.

It’s pretty hilarious, and you’ve seriously never seen anything like this before!

So sit back, relax and get ready, because we’re about to tickle your funny bone!

1. Hand Food

But my mom always told me never to eat with my hands (unless it’s pizza)!

2. Light Gardening

Those salad leaves really don’t look very happy! That looks like a terrible idea!

3. Macar’no’i

How drunk do you have to be before you actually consider eating your food out of a pint glass?

4. A Hairy Situation

That doesn’t look hygienic… What if his beard hair gets in with his noodles and he eats it? I’m so confused!

5. Alternative Plates

If you were going to do that with your old baking trays, you could have at least washed them first!


That looks like a terrible waste of time, and honestly, it’s kind of sad!

7. Off Shopping

This has actually reminded me that I need to go shopping later!

8. Pint?

Pint of corn and sweet potatoes fries anyone?

9. Truck

Whoever ordered that must have been very hungry!

10. Clip Board

That clip board looks pretty grim to me!

11. Tinned Up

That’s not artistic, that’s just lazy!

12. Sweating In A Jar

Ok, that looks like it’s going to be very rank!

13. All Natural

This is seriously so confusing!

14. Overpriced Chips

This looks so bad!

15. Big Slate

I want it to look like the cheesecake and the raspberries hate each other!

16. Half Pint Of Flat White

That’s an awful lot of coffee!

17. Gravy In A Can

I wonder if the gravy is larger flavored?

18. One Tall Glass

That’s not even that fancy!

19. Canned Meat

Personal Rule: Never trust meat in a can!

20. Bingo

Why are people eating out of logs?!

21. Doctors Office

Is that a surgeons tray?!

22. A Bit Wooden

Honestly, that looks like a depressing meal!

What do you think about these weird and wacky meal servings?

Let me know in the COMMENTS!

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