24 Photos That Were Taken Before Disaster Struck!

Sometimes, but not very often, we are able to catch something in the perfect moment.

We’re surrounded by countless strange things every day, and for every normal thing that happens to us, there’s at least one not so normal thing that follows it.

We’ve all seen strange and funny coincidences in real life, and it’s hilarious when your able to capture them for your friends and family.

Thankfully these quick off the mark photographers had their cameras at hand and at the ready and were able to capture some incredible and hilarious moments just before disaster struck!

Have you ever encountered something like this in your life? I’m going to guess the answer is quite a few.

Well, you better get ready because that number is about to increase.

Lets take a look shall we?

1. A Big Fall

That’s a long way to fall, especially when your falling head first! Ouch!

2. Spilt Drink

Maybe going hands free when your holding a drink above your head isn’t a great idea!

3. Goat Attack 

You thought little goats were cute, right? Well, think again!

4. A Big Puddle

I don’t think they’ll feel very beach ready after this! At least the sea water will clean them up!

5. Office Photo

Talk about causing a huge splash at work! I’d hate to have that happen to me!

6. Free Falling

That guy looks like he’s accepted his fate and is just waiting to hit the ground.

7. On Fire

Her hair looks hot, but not in a good way. Like it’s literally on fire!

8. One, Two, Three 

Good shot kid! Your dad’s going to be both proud and mad!

9. Heads Up

Now that’s going to hurt a lot!

10. Wet T-Shirt Contest

Is that cola? Oh no, that’s going to be a tough stain to get rid of.

11. Wedding Party

Maybe having your wedding pictures taken on there wasn’t a great idea?

12. Happy Birthday

Not the birthday cake! Worst birthday ever!

13. Slip And Slide 

I bet he regrets wearing those shoes that day!

14. The Big Drop

That’s going to hurt a lot when that sofa falls and crushes them to death!

15. Backwards 

Still think that safety gear is a joke? That’s going to be a nasty trip to the hospital!

16. Falling Down

It looks like someone is going back to the bar to buy the same round again.

17. That’s A Bad Idea 

I can see why he thinks this would be a good idea, but it’s actually going to hurt him!

18. Wet Slide

That’s going to be a very nasty bump to the head. This is why I don’t go out walking, it’s dangerous!

19. A Big Swim

I bet he wasn’t expecting to go swimming all of a sudden!

20. Snow Ball Fight

He’s not going to enjoy that at all! I bet he’ll scream blue murder!

21. Bubble Fight

The causalities of bubble fights are always terrible and a little funny!

22. Selfie Time!

I think I threw up a little bit…. Grim!

23. Fire Man

Thus, a new Superhero was created! Fire Man!

24. Smashing

It looks like those drinks were smashing!

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