25 Freaky Photos That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

When we were younger, we were frightened of ghost, monsters hiding under our beds and in our closets, and werewolves and vampires lurking in every dark and creepy alley.

As we got older our fears developed into new ones. Your biggest fear shifts into something new, like the fear of losing everything, or the fear that life has no meaning and everything is pointless.

My biggest fear is a Friday night with no wine in the fridge! Oh the horror!

There are some people out there, however, who still have a bizarre fascination with things that go bump in the night, and those crooked smiles that peer out from under your bed.

These people share their creepy and dark fascination with their friends and family online, but this fascination doesn’t always come in ways you’d expect.

While most people share family photos, a selfie with your friends, or accidentally sending a naughty photo to your office chat on Facebook (we’ve all been there), these people like to share the weird and wonderful with the whole world.

Obviously, not everyone wants to see these creepy vintage photos on the internet.

That’s why some people share their very real and creepy photos of things they’ve found while out and about in the world.

From mysterious creatures in the park,to a masked murderer stuck in traffic, here are a few creepy photos that are spooky enough to give you nightmares!

Take a look at some of the creepiest photos the internet has to offer!

1. A Teddy Bear

And you just thought they were cute and cuddly! No, these things are nightmares when they’re angry!

2. Big Fish

Does anyone fancy going out for a swim with this thing? No? I didn’t think so!

3. Free Cuddles

I love cuddles and I love free stuff, but I think I’ll pass on this offer…

4. Yum Yum! 

Well that looks disgusting… You should have gone with take out instead!

5. Snakes 

Oh my god! There are snakes everywhere!

6. Killer Lime

That’s one monster lime!

7. High Up

If I were him I’d be pooping myself all along that tight rope!

8. Spider Key

I think I’ll avoid using my keyboard for a while now…

9. Snake Killer

I don’t know what’s scarier. A snake or a snake eating spider?

10. Face Loaf

It’s like Facebook, but edible!

11. Brush Your Teeth

Burn it, quickly!

12. Free Gold

Wait, they’re real! Maybe I’ll try taking some of that gold for myself?

13. Spider Time

I wonder if they’re having a family reunion?

14. Clowns

Why? Just why?!

15. Three Heads Are Worse Than One

Please tell me three headed snakes aren’t real!

16. Dead Bread

I don’t know about you but I think that’s a weird shape for a loaf of bread!

17. Stuck In Traffic

Even Slasher movie villains struggle with traffic!

18. Creepy Bunny

Are those whiskers or french moustaches? I’m so confused!

19. What The Hell?

What on earth is that thing?

20. Mans Best Friend

Get a dog they said, it’ll be fun they said!

21. Toothy 

It looks like this fish has been stealing teeth from crocodiles!

22. Big Jump

I think if I did that I’d get too dizzy and accidentally fall off!

23. Monster

It’s ok, I didn’t want to sleep tonight anyway!

24. Black Out

Art has changed a lot over the years…

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